Such a procedure as douching, oftenis used in gynecology. It can be held both for the treatment of ailments and for the prevention. To manipulate was effective, it uses a variety of solutions based on medicines, herbal infusions and chemicals. One of them is potassium permanganate.

Earlier syringing with potassium permanganate was used forstruggle with virtually all vaginal infections, as well as to prevent the onset of pregnancy after unprotected intercourse. Today, the procedure loses its popularity due to the emergence of modern methods of treating gynecological diseases. However, this method has the right to exist, but under strict adherence to the dosage of the drug.

douching with potassium permanganate

Douching: features of the procedure

First of all it is necessary to understand thatis a syringing. As a result of irrigation with various solutions, the vagina is cleared of pathological excretions or spermatozoa. For syringing, conducted in the gynecological office, the Esmarch mug is used. At home, the procedure is performed by a special syringe. For the preparation of the solution, only warm boiled water is suitable.

Potassium permanganate

manganese douching reviews

Potassium permanganate (potassium permanganate, ormanganese) is a fine powder with a blue-metallic sheen. When diluted with water, a solution of a dark purple hue is obtained. The substance includes potassium salt and manganic acid. Manganese is characterized by powerful antiseptic properties. Reacting with proteins, it creates albumins, thereby providing anti-irritating and cauterizing action. A solution of potassium permanganate is widely used in medicine. It is used for washing the stomach with poisoning, with gastrointestinal disorders. Manganese is also suitable for washing wounds. It is used to rinse your throat.

Manganese for syringing

douching with potassium permanganate for thrush

As mentioned above, syringingpotassium permanganate are used for complex treatment of gynecological diseases. It should be noted that the procedure can be attributed to effective contraceptive methods. To conduct it, you need to prepare a 0.02-0.1% solution of potassium permanganate. Its shade should be slightly pink, otherwise douching the vagina with potassium permanganate can lead to chemical burns and ulcers. You can make a solution of potassium permanganate by eye. To do this, 1 liter of water should dissolve 10 crystals of the substance. It should be borne in mind that they do not dissolve all at once, therefore, it is first desirable to make a concentrated solution of bright crimson color and only then pour it into boiled water.

It is important to know that the solution of potassium permanganate is effectivefor a short period. Destruction of pathogenic flora is possible only at the time of irrigation of the vagina. Douching with potassium permanganate should be done only with freshly prepared solution.

Manganese with thrush

douching of the vagina with potassium permanganate

Such a disease as thrush, not by hearsayIt is familiar to many women. To combat it, as a rule, pharmacy products are used, which are not always effective. Medications help to cure candidiasis, but it is important to understand that they have a negative effect on the microbiological background of the body. If a woman suffers from dysbiosis, her body is exposed to fungal infections of the genitals. Failure of the balance of microorganisms primarily contributes to a decrease in immunity, resulting in recurrences of candidiasis.

Before starting treatment of thrush, it is importantto consult with the gynecologist. Doctors give patients various recommendations on how to ease the course of the disease. One of them can be considered syringing with potassium permanganate in case of thrush. This method will help to reduce the severity of symptoms of candidiasis and, together with other means, will lead to complete recovery.

potassium permanganate can

If we talk about the fungal disease of men, thenmanganese solution can be used to wash the genitals. To the representatives of the stronger sex after diagnosis of candidiasis, it is necessary to wash the affected areas with a medicinal solution based on potassium permanganate. To make it, you need to take a glass of pure boiled water and 0.5 mg of the substance. At first it may seem that the solution is not highly concentrated, but it should be remembered that potassium permanganate belongs to strong substances, so the procedure for washing should be done once a day for 10 days.

Manganese during erosion

Treatment of erosion should be carried out usingdrugs that need to be taken inwards, and also used externally. The healing effect will be maximal in complex treatment. Douching with potassium permanganate during erosion works perfectly in combination with douching with "Romazulan" (camomile extract). Similar procedures need to be alternated.

Why do not doctors advise potassium permanganate for syringing?

Experts do not recommend douching with potassium permanganate for several reasons:

• The solution dries the vaginal mucosa, resulting in a disturbance of its microflora.

• Manganese is presented in the form of crystals,which should be diluted in water to the desired concentration. Illiterate preparation of the solution at home can lead to severe burns to the mucosa. Frequent similar procedures can aggravate the course of the disease. If the procedure is not regulated, vaginal inflammation may occur.

• Do not forget that any douching should be in addition to the basic treatment of gynecological diseases.

douching with potassium permanganate during erosion

Douching with potassium permanganate in pregnancy

Is not manganese dangerous? Can syringing be done with candidiasis during pregnancy? All these questions are often worried about expectant mothers who encountered thrush during childbearing.

Important! At any time of pregnancy, such a procedure as douching is strictly prohibited, as it can cause the appearance of vaginitis, endometritis, adnexitis. To treat candidiasis during pregnancy is necessary only under the supervision of a doctor.

Next, we'll find out if women are helping manganese.

Douching: reviews of the procedure

A manganese solution is characterized by a strongantiseptic action. It neutralizes the toxins and enzymes of the fungus, which is why many women note that syringing with thrush for some time really relieves the appearance of unpleasant symptoms. With it, you can eliminate itching, burning, pain. However, doctors recommend to resort to this method only when there is no possibility to get a specialist's advice and conduct treatment with modern medications.

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