Thrush or Candidiasis - infectiousa recurrent disease that is caused by yeast-like fungi (the genus Candida) and affects the mucous membranes of the mouth, nose, intestines and genitals, as well as skin. This type of fungus in a small limited number is always present in the human body, their growth is regulated by protective factors. Reproduction of these fungi and the appearance of symptoms of yeast infection is facilitated by a decrease in immunity, the intake of antibiotics, endocrine system diseases, infectious diseases, and hormonal imbalance. Not only women, but men and even children, can get sick with thrush. Let's try to understand how the disease proceeds, what are the symptoms, what drugs are prescribed to treat the disease, whether it helps syringing with thrush.

Candidiasis can affect all organs and systems,but most often this disease occurs on the mucous membranes of the urinary tract, mouth and genital organs, the course of the disease is a prolonged chronic recurrent. During the exacerbation of patients, itching, discomfort at the time of sexual intercourse, pain during urination, white, thick, curd-like discharge from the vagina, burning, swelling and inflammation of the mucous genitals and perineal skin.

Currently, pharmacies are provided with a largethe choice of antifungal drugs used to treat candidiasis, which have a good curative effect in a short time, but the treachery of thrush is the possibility of developing relapse. Therefore, to appoint the right treatment, whether it is syringing with thrush or taking medication orally, you should definitely consult a specialist. It is important to understand that the knowledge and experience of a doctor can not replace the advertising and advice of girlfriends.

Douching with thrush is awashing of the vagina with the help of medicinal solution, can be carried out by the personnel of the medical institution, and independently at home. How to properly syringe you will tell a gynecologist at the appointment of treatment. Douching is an important part of the treatment of thrush, it is also used for the prevention.

Many women are interested than syringingwith thrush, so as not to harm your health and not aggravate the course of the disease. It is often enough to use soda with soda to treat thrush. To prepare the solution will need 1.5 tsp. ordinary soda and 300-350 ml. boiled water. The procedure should be conducted five times a day, in a reclining position. Douching with a solution of soda is the most affordable means for treating thrush, in which an alkaline environment destroying pathogenic microorganisms is created in the vagina.
In addition to syringing with a soda solution, oftenOnion douching is used. To prepare a medicinal solution you need 2 tbsp. l. St. John's wort flowers pour 800-900 ml. boil, wrap and leave for three hours. Then add the juice of the onion to the warm infusion. Douching should be done at least four to five times a day.
Good results are provided by syringing with infusionchamomile, for its preparation it will take 3 tsp. chamomile, 3 tsp. bark of oak. The mixture should be poured in 800 ml. boiling water, then let stand for two hours. The procedure should be carried out five times a day. Decoction and infusion of chamomile flowers have strong enough antiseptic actions, and disinfect the vagina well.

Particularly addicted to this procedure is still notcosts, as frequent uncontrolled syringings lead to a decrease in vaginal resistance to the harmful effects of pathogens. Very often, local methods of treatment, such as syringing with thrush and taking medications do not give practically no results. This is because first you need to identify the causes of thrush, and only then carry out a comprehensive treatment.

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