Any nationality has a characteristicFeatures that make it different from others. The Armenian profile is what you pay attention to when you see representatives of Ararat. Armenians are distinguished not only by an outstanding nose, but also with dark skin, large and deep dark eyes, a special outline of the lips, black eyebrows that can converge on the bridge of the nose. Needless to say, the appearance of Armenians is very bright and memorable.

Origin of Armenians

In order to understand why the Armenians have suchthe structure of the nose, it is necessary to understand who their ancestors were, from what nationalities they originated. The Armenian people are ancient. He speaks Armenian and belongs to the Indo-European language stratum. The formation of this nation began at the end of the second millennium BC and ended in the sixth century BC.

Armenian nose

There are at least five mythical legends(Armenian, Greek, Georgian, Arabic, Hebrew), which put forward various versions of the origin of Armenians. According to historians, the most believable and proven fact is that they belonged to the Indo-European people, from whom the Armenians subsequently separated. The formation of the nationality took place in two stages. The first is the period of labor unions and early state formation (3-2 millennium BC). The second stage is the creation of a single statehood on the territory of the Armenian Highland (5-4 millennium BC).

Features of the structure of the nose

Why do Armenians have big noses? This question is of interest not only to the Armenians themselves, but also to representatives of other nationalities. From the point of view of medicine and anatomical and physiological features of the respiratory system, the nose with a hump is a defect in which the upper part has an uneven contour with a pronounced projection above the back. Holmopodobny build-up consists of cartilaginous and bony tissues. Among the nationalities that have a similar nose structure are not only Armenians, but also Georgians, Turks, Greeks, Azerbaijanis, French, Italians and others. It should be noted that for them the protruding hump at the nose is the norm, and for the peoples of the Caucasoid race it is a serious psychological problem and a defect of an aesthetic nature.

Armenian girls

A nose with a hump is a typical feature of Armenians. It is not a distinctive feature of the Slavs, although it is quite common among Europeans. The Armenian nose has distinctive features and is characterized by distinct, pronounced lines. In profile, the nose drops at the base, and the hump is clearly visible.


According to scientific research, the Armenian nosehas an objective reason for such a structure. It lies in natural and climatic conditions. At an altitude of three thousand meters above sea level requires a light breath, which provides a large nose. This is why the respiratory functions of mountain inhabitants are better developed than those of peoples living on the plains. The cause of the big nose is the "mountain factor", features of the landscape of Armenia. This factor influenced the genetic changes. For example, Asians have narrow eyes, the structure of which is determined by life in the desert and in the flat terrain (wind, hurricanes, sandstorms).

Armenian profile

National Difference

The great Armenian nose, in fact, occursnot so often even among purebred Armenians. It differs in form from the nose of Georgians, Azerbaijanis, Dagestanis. The nose of the Armenians is large, shovel-shaped and with a thickened stump-like hump. Many consider such a profile a genuine national treasure, a legacy of ancient Urartu. Among the Armenians there is a joke: if you cut off your nose, the Armenian will fall on his back, losing his balance.

Armenian Appearance

What do thoroughbred Armenians look like? The typical Armenian appearance differs from other Caucasian peoples. The Armenians are characterized by dark skin, but this is not the rule. Quite often among them there are light-skinned, blue-eyed, with dark-chestnut or black hair. Among these mountain inhabitants you can see representatives of the Celtic appearance: red hair, freckles on the face, white skin, blue or brown eyes.

famous Armenians


Of course, not all representatives of Armenians havean outstanding profile, but the expression "Armenian nose" is known to many and widespread. It is not difficult to determine the bright representative of the Armenian nationality. First, for male Armenians, as well as for women, deep-set black or brown eyes with sadness in their eyes. Sometimes there are gray-eyed, green-eyed and blue-eyed Armenians. Secondly, they differ from Europeans by their dark complexion. Men, like women, have thick black hair, wide brows that can be connected on the bridge of the nose.

Male nose in overwhelming cases differs fromfemale structure and size. It is longer, broad, and the hump is stronger, it can be stepped. The Armenian profile is a visiting card of the Caucasian people, so men carry it proudly, like the flag of their homeland.

Armenian appearance


Armenian girls are bright oriental beauties. Appearance of Armenian is diverse. Most ladies have brown eyes, chestnut or ash-black locks. Often among the Armenian women there are gray-eyed, green-eyed, blue-eyed girls with red and fair-haired hair.

Recognize the Armenian girl by the elongatedface and nose, which is somewhat elongated, its tip is lowered down, and on the bridge of the nose there is a pronounced crook. Of course, appearance depends on genetics, so among the fair sex there are owners of small elegant noses.

why the Armenians have big noses

Lack or dignity?

Most often dissatisfied with their Armenian profilegirls. Unfortunately, a large nose can spoil even the most pretty face. That is why today such a high percentage of plastic surgery (rhinoplasty) among women. Plastic surgeons come to the correction of the shape of the nose not only from the aesthetic side, but also for the purpose of safety for health. There is an opinion that nature is not mistaken. If the nose is long and wide, then other facial features should be large. In this case, it looks in full-face in harmony.

Armenian girls are womennon-ideal profile. It is impossible to consider it a disadvantage, because this characteristic feature distinguishes them from other nations. In addition, among the Armenian women there are many pretty women with a nose that goes very well and emphasizes a peculiar appearance and character. A small hump on the bridge of the nose just decorates the eastern beauty. If the nose protrudes too much and visually spoils beautiful facial features, its shape and length can be changed by rhinoplasty, which is very popular among Armenian women.

A few tricks

Adjust the shape of the nose easily withcorrectly chosen hairstyle and make-up. If the nose is wide, make-up artists are advised to put a dark tone on the middle, and brighten up the side of the cream on the sides. If the nozzle is long, on the tip, shade a darker shade, and the wings of the nose tint light. Make-up artists recommend making a bright and intense accent on the eyes or lips, then the problem with the outstanding profile will be solved. Balanced facial features and beautifully arranged hair.

Armenians - owners of thick and shiny fromThe nature of ringlets, which visually help to solve the problem with the shape of the nose. Stylists advise wearing fluffy hair, but they should not be straight, but screwed. Large curls, a magnificent hairdo adjust the length of the spout. Avoid the thick long bangs, which only emphasizes the profile.

Men, on the contrary, are proud of their "eagle"profile. Unlike beautiful ladies, they consider it to be a dignity, a national treasure, which was inherited from their ancestors. Today, the strong sex also resorts to rhinoplasty, if there are medical indications or want positive changes in appearance.

Many famous Armenians of the day, artists andpublic people are forced to resort to surgery for aesthetic purposes, for example, to better look on the screen and make the face pretty and harmonious. In this there is nothing to worry about if the surgery improves the shape of the nose, rather than spoiling it. The main thing is not to lose your individuality.

the Armenian people

Famous people

Many well-known Armenians are owners oftypical appearance, inherent in their nation. Among them are actors Frunzik Mkrtchyan, Armen Jigarkhanyan, Sos Sargsyan, composer Arno Babadzhanyan, as well as popular TV presenter Mikhail Galustyan, American singer and actress Cher, celebrities Kim Kardashian, actor and screenwriter Tigran Keosayan, journalist Tatyana Gevorgyan, Hmayak Hakobyan - circus actor, actor . Armenian roots are also Irina Allegrova - singer, Vyacheslav Dobrynin - singer, Eugene Petrosyan - actor, humorist and many others.

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