Armenians are known to be one of the most ancient nations. The history of this people is several thousand years old. Once they had a great state, today they managed to retain only a small territory of their empire. For a long time under the Turkish and Persian yoke, they were able to preserve not only their religion and culture, but also their language.

As you know, the Armenian language is a separatea branch of Indo-European languages, just like Greek. And the Armenian culture is one of the richest in the history of all mankind. And today, looking at the representatives of this nation who live outside of modern Armenia, it's hard to believe that they are representatives of the once great Armenian state. And, thanks to them, in the world make a wrong opinion about Armenians, because many do not know that people living in Armenia are strikingly different from those who dishonor the name of the people in other countries, in particular, in Russia. Citizens of the Republic of Armenia are intelligent, religious people, and sometimes they are very ashamed of their compatriots. Although, of course, even after the Armenian Genocide in the Ottoman Empire, even the most kind people could change, looking at what they do with their wives, children and parents.

And yet, Armenians, whose religion helped themsurvive and suffer even such suffering, managed to preserve their state and independence. Of course, from its former greatness there is no trace, many monuments of antiquity, churches and khachkars remained on the territory of modern Turkey, however history and developed culture left their imprint.

What kind of Armenian religion is this? What is its history? This is the subject of this article.

Everyone knows that "Armenians, religion" are wordsalmost synonyms, because it was this people who in 301 became the first in the world to accept Christianity as a state religion. The main role in this was played by Gregory the Illuminator, who was declared a saint for his services. Thus, it turns out that the Armenian religion is the most solid, because until today it has not changed. The people remained faithful to Christianity even under the threat of destroying the nation, for the Turks and Persians obliged all to accept Islam, otherwise people were simply killed.

But back to history. Armenians, whose religion is associated with many legends and legends, still store them in their hearts. Thus, the martyrdom of the Hripsimeans, the holy virgins, is known to all. These girls were from Rome, they fled from there, persecuted for their religion and everywhere preached Christianity. When they reached Armenia, in which paganism still existed, King Trdat fell in love with one of them. But he was rejected, which caused his anger. The girls were sentenced to martyrdom, and all of them died, except for the maiden Nune, who fled to neighboring Georgia. King Trdat began to suffer from a nervous illness. However, the king's sister saw a dream that only Grigory could heal her brother, who 13 years ago was imprisoned in a pit without food and water. It would seem, a miracle, but he managed to survive and heal the king. Trdat believed in Christianity, proclaiming him the state religion of Armenia.

Armenians, whose religion could survivethanks to the Armenian Apostolic Church, remember the history and honor the memory of the saints. So, so far in the Khor Virap area you can go down into the pit, in which 13 years was imprisoned St. Gregory the Illuminator. Not all can go down there - it's deep and too dark. However, apparently the miracles of God still happen, so the saint managed to survive and help the nation gain true faith. This is the religion of the Armenians!

In addition, in the territory of modern Armeniathere are many ancient churches and chapels, visiting which you feel that this people is really chosen by God. And let Ararat still remain on the territory of Turkey, but with pain in the heart, each of the Armenians says "My sacred mountain". The past greatness, history and pain of the people can not be forgotten. And, after finishing the article, I want to quote the words that every April 24 - the Day of Remembrance of the Victims of the Armenian Genocide in the Ottoman Empire - every Armenian says. Nothing is forgotten, no one is forgotten. This people remembers and believes.

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