How did Noah cognac? A bit of history. Armenians began to record their history of cognac production from the time of Noah. It was then, after the great flood, the prophet planted his first vine.

At that time in these places it was customary to cook andinsist tinctures of a thousand herbs. Trying to insist a drink from the vine, Noah was surprised, feeling his pleasant taste and sweet aroma. So the brandy "Noah" appeared.

Armenian cognac differs from all otherby the fact that it is manufactured according to precise technology, which has been observed for many centuries. Cognac "Noah" was awarded many awards at tastings. The quality of Armenian cognacs is conditioned by weather conditions and the climate of Armenia, as well as using special blended spring water, which is completely devoid of mineralization.

At the winery, which led R. Azaryan, new brands of Noah cognac with different years of aging were produced, namely seven, ten, fifteen, twenty and twenty five years. Cognac "Noah" is made from selected varieties of white grapes. Such cognacs have a mild flavor with a vanilla-chocolate aftertaste.

Armenian cognac
Cognac "Noah" is aged in barrels of redoak, from this alcoholic drink has a dark honey color. Cognac "Classic Noah", which is aged for seven years, has a golden amber color, a pronounced fruit bouquet and a vanilla-fruity taste. This brandy is poured into special bottles of Helios. The real taste of this drink can be felt only when its temperature slightly exceeds 20 degrees.

Cognac "Noah", which is aged for ten years, hasdark amber color. Its taste is characterized by a fruity-nutty aroma, it is slightly tart, you can taste the notes of almonds, fruits and vanilla. Armenian cognac "Noah", aged 15 years, has a wonderful fruit aftertaste with notes of a tart almond.

"Noah", cognac with twenty years of aging, betterall in pure form, so you will feel an unforgettable taste of almonds with notes of chocolate and dried fruits. Has a dark, golden color and a tart aftertaste. "Noah", the aging of which is 25 years in oak barrels, has a long and pleasant aftertaste. It is characterized by a pleasant and mild taste of almonds, fruits and port. It is also called "The Lord".

Cognac "Noah". Reviews

Who has ever tried this alcoholic drink,he will never forget his pleasant, luxurious and seasoned taste. Thanks to the smell of nuts, the taste of chocolate with almonds and a light note of vanilla, it can not be confused with anything. Some may not like its tart taste, but this is what distinguishes the real Armenian cognac from all other drinks of this category.

Prices for "Noah" cognac to some may seemhigh, but remember: the miser pays twice. It is better to pay once for a real Armenian cognac and find out what this drink of the gods is like, than throwing money away at low-quality drinks.

You can buy this cognac in almost any store, and also order on the Internet.

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