Mikhail Labkovsky can be called brillianta family psychologist who managed to turn over the idea of ​​both psychologists and their lectures. Now he is not only a practicing psychologist, but also a lawyer, radio and television presenter. Labkovsky has 30 years of practical work experience, including considerable experience of foreign psychological practice. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the information on "Mikhail Labkovsky: Biography, Professional Activity, Its Rules and Advice."

Stages of career

Mikhail Labkovsky, biography

Born June 17, 1961, Mikhail Labkovsky. His biography, of course, primarily tells about education. Mikhail studied at Moscow State University. Lomonosov, graduated from the psychological faculty by specialization "General, age and family psychology." In addition, Labkovsky received another legal education, specialized in family law.

At one time, M. Labkovsky had a hard time becoming what he is at the moment. He began his professional career from work in the school, at first as a simple teacher, then as a school psychologist. Despite his very effective advice on family and children, the very psychotherapist knows very little. Who is he, Mikhail Labkovsky? Family, children, biography - all this can interest potential customers. Description of the life path of a psychologist includes only data on studies and work. From various sources, his personal interview, he knows that he loves animals. At his home there lives a cat, about which he sometimes also tells. As for personal information, this is not an important point, which should be discussed and spent for this time. This is the whole of Mikhail Labkovsky. His biography tells us briefly about the important.

Professional formation of MA Labkovsky

The life of a well-known psychologist is suchthe way that he gets abroad. As Mikhail Labkovsky himself tells in his interviews, his biography also includes life in Israel. For some time he is in Jerusalem, where he worked and studied at the same time. It was there that Mikhail received his second doctorate in psychology. Labkovsky's work in Israel was directly related to his specialty. For some time, Mikhail acted as an intermediary between spouses who divorced marriage, shared property and children. This was a special experience, because M. Labkovsky thus acquired the practice of negotiating with the Family Mediation Service. He regrets very much that such a service has not appeared in Russia to this day. Also, Mikhail was one of the regular psychologists in the City Hall of Jerusalem working with teenagers who served time in the juvenile colonies.

Mikhail Labkovsky "The Family"

Returning to Moscow, Mikhail Labkovsky, a psychologist,opens his own consultation on family matters. It is here that he holds individual and group meetings. His advisory service deals with many family issues: marriage contracts, divorce problems, and problems related to children. Mikhail Labkovsky is also the author of many publications.

Work on radio and activity on the web

Mikhail Labkovsky - psychologist

Very interesting and creative is anotherstage in the life of a famous psychotherapist. Mikhail Labkovsky is a psychologist who has been the presenter of various FM radio stations for eight years. In 2004, Labkovsky launches his interactive weekly program called "Adult about Adults", which goes to "Echo of Moscow". She appeared on the air every Saturday, and for an hour, Lubkovsky answered the questions of radio listeners, which concerned family problems and human relationships. Another broadcast, which was conducted by a psychologist on this radio station, is "Mikhail Labkovsky's Night Program". She came out on Sunday at a later time, there were discussed delicate questions: "Everything you wanted to know about sex and was not afraid to ask." These night ethers Mikhail led with his permanent co-host, sound engineer and editor, Natalia Kuzmina. They together created a unique confidential conversation. Both programs were very popular, but this did not stop them from broadcasting, which was very regrettable both for the author himself and his listeners. In 2013, the "Adult about Adults" program began broadcasting in the online TV on "Network" from the autumn. And in 2016 Labkovsky began working on the radio station "Silver Rain", where he is working at the present time. In addition, the well-known psychologist conducts a lot of public lectures, on the channel "Culture" acts in the program "Rules of life." In addition, the popular psychotherapist Labkovsky can be contacted in various social networks, which he also actively uses in his work.

Mikhail Labkovsky, books

Mikhail Labkovsky. Books, publications, lectures-consultations

This famous family psychologist does not telltheory, he gives effective practical advice. Therefore, his lectures, publications are somewhat peculiar. He completely turned the idea of ​​the lecture as such. Mikhail Labkovsky - a psychologist who does not reason on the given topic: he clearly answers the questions posed, often asks that a person sees a solution to his problem. Mikhail Labkovsky has prepared many interesting publications, his lectures and consultations are popular, many of which were published in the form of audiobooks. These are interesting dialogues, which people listen in one breath, take from them a lot of necessary information and effective advice. There are some among them who consider the best. Mikhail Labkovsky published the following books:

  • "About a feeling of guilt and shame";
  • "About getting married";
  • "About the children."

6 rules of Mikhail Labkovsky

6 rules of Mikhail Labkovsky

A well-known psychologist is also the author of sixrules, which he voiced almost at every lecture. Labkovsky argues that people with high self-esteem, who love and accept themselves as they are, consciously or unconsciously adhere to these rules.

1. Do only what you like.

2. Do not do what you do not want.

3. Talk immediately about what you do not like.

4. Do not answer when you are not asked.

5. Answer only the question asked.

6. When clarifying the relationship, talk solely about yourself.

The main advice of a well-known psychologist

Labkovsky is a professional psychologist, and, according to hisit is necessary to start solving any problem with oneself. And all the reasons must also be sought only in oneself. And changes will begin only with their own actions. And nothing else.

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