According to many Russian viewers,Porechenkov Mikhail, whose biography will be described below, is one of the most brilliant and charismatic domestic actors. He, among other things, is also very talented.

biography of Mikhail Porechenkov

Actor Mikhail Porechenkov. Biography

He was born on March 2, 1969 in Leningrad. His father was a sailor, and his mother a builder. Up to five years, Mikhail Porechenkov was brought up by my grandmother.

The boy started school in his nativecity ​​- Leningrad. According to the biography of Mikhail Porechenkov, his family soon moved to Warsaw. Therefore, he received a certificate in the Polish boarding school, which he graduated in 1986.

After that, Mikhail Porechenkov entered themilitary-political school in Tallinn. However, his restless nature prevented him from completing this educational institution: just 10 days before his release, he was expelled for multiple violations of the rules and the established discipline. However, some success during these years of training Porechenkov still achieved. He holds the title of candidate for the master of sports in boxing, which he received during one championship. Actor and today does not forget the sport of youth: boxing he is engaged and now.

porechenkov mihail biography
Mikhail Porechenkov's biography: acting career

He is sent to serve in the Sovietarmy, in the building battalion. Then the young man worked in a baguette workshop, but then he already had a desire to become an actor. He even managed to enter VGIK. However, a full course of study under the leadership of the famous Soviet and Russian actor Armen Dzhigarkhanyan Porechenkov could not. But the study at the course Filshtinsky LGITMiK, where he entered in 1991, was given to him better - and in 1996, Mikhail successfully graduated from this institute.

actor Michael Porechenkov

While still a student, he began to play in the theater. As Mikhail Porechenkov's biography tells us, his first serious role was the role of Pozzo in the play "Waiting for Godot". Together with him, the participation in the production was then taken by young, but now very famous Russian actors - Mikhail Trukhin and Konstantin Khabensky. Having met then, men are today even better friends.

After graduation, Porechenkov settled inTheater called "On the Kryukov Canal." He did not work there for long. Later he managed to become a member of the Lensoviet Theater Company. There he played many roles. Including continued to play Godot. It was for this role that he was awarded the "Golden Mask" - an honorary theater prize.

In the late nineties Michael Porechenkov starred inseveral films and serials, but his works were not noticeable. And in 1999 the shooting of the "National Security Agent" starts. It was the work in this series that made Mikhail Porechenkov so famous. After that he acted in many more successful projects, however, the actor remembered the role of Lekhi Nikolaev to the majority of TV viewers.

Porechenkov was married twice. He has five children: Varvara - from his first marriage, Mary, Michael and Peter - from the second, and Vladimir - an illegitimate child.

Such is the biography of Mikhail Porechenkov, the famous Russian actor.

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