Today we will tell you who Mikhail Kalinkin is. His biography will be examined below. It is a question of the Russian author and the executor of military song, the colonel. Creativity of the musician mainly contains compositions on the theme of military operations. The songs deal with the conflict in Afghanistan and in the hot spots on the post-Soviet territory. He is also the author of compositions in the genre of socio-political satire. In his work, events in the USSR are described during the late eighties and early 1990s. Describing military service, Mikhail Kalinkin notes with irony that he was a staff rat all his life. At the same time, according to the musician, he performed various combat missions without holidays and days off in the Arbat Military District.


Michael Kalinkin
Mikhail Kalinkin was born in 1959, 27June, in the Altai Territory, in Slavgorod. Comes from a military family. In 1982 he graduated from the Engineering Red Banner Institute named after A.F. Mozhaysky. Our hero noted that he always wanted to be a musician, but he became a military man. All this is due to the advice of his father. He told his son then that if he received the musician's education, he would never become a military man, otherwise he could always learn to play the guitar. The choice was made. Our hero entered the military school. I played in VIA already while studying in the first year. From 2 to 5-year study had to play at 45 weddings. As a result, a military musical career was launched. In 1982 he first went to the Caucasus and fell in love with the mountains with all his heart. Elbrus was nine times. The musician lives in Moscow. Has four children.


Mikhail Kalinkin - organizer of festivals"Music Academy of Adventures" and "Elbrus". He created the projects "Night Without War" and "Battalion Intelligence". He is a member of the trio "Colonels", in which he works together with Victor Trofimov and Mikhail Mikhailov. Our hero has released magnetoalbums: "A half-ruble on mountain skiing", "Season 2000", "Elbrusiada", "Mountain skiing carnival", "Road clearance", "Summer", "Love", "Museum of military figures", "Victor's birthday Pugacheva, Spetsnaz, Tank Songs, Military Songs, White Mountain, Honor I, Portrait Against the Sky, Second Cheget, Moscow-Cheget. In 2009, a collection of ski songs and poems was recorded.

Musical rewards

Michael Kalinkin biography
Mikhail Kalinkin is a laureate of the Grushinsky Festival,and also the projects "Katyusha" and "Kolomenskoye". Participates in many concerts. The leader of the festivals are "Kulikovo Field", "Kolomenskoye", "Grushinsky", "Antonovsky", "ProROK2", "Suvorovsky Bivak". The musician notes that for many years he has been singing for all people, telling them that they are decent, honest, intelligent and kind.

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