Mikhail Alexandrovich Romanov was the most recentRussian tsar. He was a full heir to the throne even before the birth of Tsarevich Alexei. The then reigning Tsar Nicholas II understood that his own son Alexei, who was sick with hemophilia, could not fully control the state. Therefore, he abdicated in favor of Romanov, and he became a full-fledged king. However, he was not destined to rule for a long time.

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Mikhail Romanov: Biography

He was born in 1878, on December 4, inSt. Petersburg. His father was Tsar Alexander III. Michael had four brothers, among whom was the youngest. Later became the receiver of his brother Nicholas, who during his lifetime made him king. Mikhail Romanov was not only a Grand Duke, but also an excellent military leader, Lieutenant-General, a member of the State Council.

Mikhail Romanov was martyred. It happened in Perm in 1918, on June 12. At that time the Bolsheviks had already come to power and the prince was deported from the capital. The massacre of him and his friends was planned and implemented in advance by the local authorities. He was deceived out of the city and shot. The only desire of Romanov was to say goodbye to his secretary and close friend Johnson. However, this he was deprived.

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Bloody massacre, the victim of which was MikhailRomanov, was only a prelude to the murder of the entire family of Nicholas II and most of the Romanov family. This happened in Yekaterinburg after only five weeks.

Testimonies of contemporaries

To judge the nature and achievements of the latterRussian tsar can be, referring to the reviews of his contemporaries, who knew and respected him. The famous writer Alexander Kuprin said that he was a rare, almost unique person in the world for the beauty and purity of the soul.

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Russian diplomat Dmitry Abrikosov was once a fan of Natalia Sheremetevskaya, who later became the wife of Mikhail Romanov.

He talked about the first visit to the couple. He wrote that this man's charisma and nobility smoothed awkwardness and he quickly felt comfortable.

The great commander, commanding armies during the First World War, General Brusilov AA. wrote that he was very fond of this sincere, sincere and honest man.

He never participated in intrigues and did not take advantage of the imperial family. He always avoided squabbling and trouble as much as possible, both in official and in family life.

He was a man of rare spiritual qualities and moral principles. Few monarchs could compare with him in this.

During his exile Mikhail Romanov was acquainted with Vladimir Gushchik, the commissioner of the Gatchina Palace. Having opposing views and interests, the commissioner was able to evaluate the former king on his merit.

He wrote that the Grand Duke was gifted with three rare qualities: honesty, simplicity and kindness. Representatives of all parties respected him and did not in any way harbor resentment.

So in our eyes and today appears the last Russian king, who was not destined to rule, but who left a deep and indelible mark in the history of the country.

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