For a long time, Mikhail Isaakovich Mukasey remained inShadows, carefully keeping your past from prying eyes. Even his neighbors and close friends did not know about who this person really is. And only in 2001 the veil of secrets was finally thrown off, and the whole truth about the Soviet spies was revealed to the world.

Thanks to this, we can finally seethe true face of the Russian intelligence officer. Understand what the KGB did in the past. And what successes did Mikhail Isaakovich Mukasey achieve by staying on the "enemy" territory.

mikhail Isaakovich

Youth years of the future hero

Mikhail Isaakovich was born on August 13, 1907year in a small Jewish family. His father was a hereditary blacksmith and dreamed that in the future the son would continue the family business. However, Michael chose a different path - reaching adulthood, he collected things and drove away from his native village.

Michael Isaakovich decided his true callingto find in Leningrad. To settle in the new city, he got a job at the Baltic Shipyard. Here he quickly became the soul of the team - it was difficult to find someone who did not like the young trainee. However, Michael lived not only with work, almost immediately after the move, he enrolled on a working class, which helped him enter the Leningrad University.

At the University, Mikhail Isaakovich Mukasey studiedforeign languages ​​and the culture of other peoples. Here he met and his future wife - Elizaveta Emelyanova. They played a wedding immediately after graduation from the university, after which a new, unusually difficult and dangerous chapter began in their life.


Family of Scouts

Soviet intelligence knew very well whoMikhail Isaakovich Mukasei. The biography of this man was crystal clear, and his skills and knowledge made him an ideal candidate for scouts. In the beginning of 1937 there was an official recruitment, which ends quite successfully.

In the same year, Mikhail Mukasey sent totraining in the school of the Intelligence Directorate of the Red Army. Along with it, Elizaveta Ivanovna also trains espionage skills, which also agreed to help her husband and the Soviet government. In 1938, their son Anatoly Mukasey appeared, who in fact became the youngest scout in the USSR. Thus, by the end of the year the whole family of Mukasey was already ready for their first mission.

An illegal immigrant in the United States

In 1939, Mikhail Mukasey was sent to work in theLos Angeles disguised as the Soviet vice-consul. Naturally, this post was just a cover. Its main task is to collect useful data for the Soviet Union, as well as recruit new informants and agents. But how exactly did this happen?

The scheme was simple. Mikhail every week arranged lush festivities, to which all the stars of the local beau monde dreamed. It should be noted that in those years, many actors of Hollywood closely communicated with politicians and military, and therefore, owned valuable information for intelligence. And it was much easier to talk the stars than the civil servants - the main thing is to pour in a glass in time and not to stint on flattery.

Mikhael Isaakovich Mukasei biography

Again in the native land

The family returned to Mukaseev in 1943. Alas, they had no opportunity to rest from their duties, as the terrifying sounds of World War II rattled in the yard. In this difficult period for the country, Mikhail Isaakovich started training young scouts. His experience and knowledge helped many of the guys stay alive, performing deadly for the good of the Motherland.

Mission in Europe

In 1955 the family of scouts again receivedtask from the country's leadership. This time they had to go to Europe in order to provide the Soviet Union with valuable information about other countries. However, this time Anatoly Mukasey stayed at home, as his parents decided to protect him from potential danger and persecution.

According to official data, Mikhail and Elizaveta Mukaseinot only perfectly coped with the task set before them, but they were able to create their own agent network in Europe. Thanks to this, the Soviet Union received operational data on time, which allowed it to take a more advantageous position in the international arena.

scout illegal in the usa

Finally at home

Home scouts returned in the mid 70'syears. Having a rich spy experience, Mikhail Isaakovich arranges to work in the school of scouts. For all the time teaching, he has trained more than one generation of professional spies. Books written by him, and to this day are among the best benefits in intelligence school. At the end of his life, Mikhail Isaakovich Mukasei said this phrase: "If nobody knows about us in the country, it means that we coped with the tasks set."

The great scout died on August 19, 2008, at the age of 101. A year later, Elizaveta Ivanovna, a woman who for 70 years tirelessly accompanied her husband, followed him.

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