Mikhail Zvezdinsky well known to fans of chanson. Want to get acquainted with his biography and creativity? We are happy to give you this opportunity.

Mikhail Zvezdinsky

Biography: family and childhood

Mikhail Zvezdinsky was born on March 6, 1945of the year. His native and beloved city is Lyubertsy, located on the territory of the Moscow region. The real name of the chanson performer is Deinekin. Zvezdinsky is not a pseudonym. The fact is that his ancestors are from Poland. But in 1861 the Zvezdinsky (Gvezdinsky) moved to St. Petersburg.

His father, Mikhail Evgenievich Deinekin, and his grandfather,Evgenie Pavlovich, was shot shortly before the birth of our hero. He was raised by his mother and grandmother. But soon he remained an orphan. Mother, Lydia Semenovna, was repressed. All the responsibilities for the care and education of the boy fell on the shoulders of my grandmother.

Mikhail Zvezdinsky grew active and restlesschild. He was expelled several times from school. Fill the gaps in education helped my grandmother, graduated in due time Smolny Institute. She forced her grandson to read a lot (Pasternak, Tsvetaeva, Gumilev, and so on).

In adolescence, Misha was carried away by music. He independently mastered the guitar. This tool came to him from his grandfather. In the late 50-ies the talented guy acted in the composition of different collectives. Later our hero began to write his songs. He graduated from the music school, receiving the specialty "drummer".

Life behind bars

In January 1974, Zvezdinsky was put in prisonfor 3 years. He was found guilty of raping an Italian girlfriend. He was released in 1976. But he could not start a decent life from scratch. Mikhail appeared before the court several times - in 1962, 1966 and 1980. Among the articles on which he was charged, were "theft of the car and jewelry," "desertion" and "giving bribes." In total, he spent 16 years in captivity.

Mikhail Zvezdinsky: Creativity

The first concerts of our hero with VIA "Joker" and VIA "Favorite" were recorded in 1980. It is this period that can be considered the beginning of Mikhail's creative activity.

In 1986, serving another term, he recordedconcert "On the Zone in Two Guitars". It included such compositions as "The process is finished", "The son of the cook and the master", "Pigeons are flying over our zone" and others.

Mikhail Zvezdinsky's creativity

In 1988, Mikhail Zvezdinsky was released. He returned to his Moscow apartment and started developing a musical career. Currently, his creative piggy bank has about 25 albums and several collections. Below are the most popular songs of M. Zvezdinsky:

  • "Withered roses";
  • "Burning, the candles cry";
  • "The rails will be cut off";
  • "We go on the attack";
  • "Last dawn";
  • "Enchanted, bewitched."


Before us is a man with great talent and a difficult fate. We wish him creative inspiration and family well-being!

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