Young girls of the 1990's saw MikhailEfremova in the movie "Everything is the opposite", fell in love with a young actor. But this was Mikhail's third role. The cinematic biography of Mikhail Efremov began back in 1976. Then he played in the film "Days of Surgeon Mishkin", and in 1978, flashed on the screen in the movie "When I Become a Giant."

Biography of Mikhail Efremov


Mikhail Efremov is the son of the famous Russianactor Oleg Efremov. His mother - the actress "Contemporary" Alina Pokrovskaya, and grandfather - the famous opera director Boris Pokrovsky. In such a family Michael was born in 1963, on November 10. It is from this day begins the biography of Mikhail Efremov. Artist since childhood revolving in the acting environment, so it's no surprise that he chose this profession.

Film work

In 1987, Mikhail Olegovich graduated from theatricalschool and became the head of the theater "Contemporary-2." But in the fourth year of its existence the troupe disintegrated. Only in 1989, the acting biography of Mikhail Efremov began to replenish again with roles in films. A charming robber from the series "Dubrovsky" is remembered by many. Then he starred in the drama "Luke" and the comedy "Male Zigzag". At this time, Efremov closely acquainted with the actress Eugenia Dobrovolskaya, who became the second wife of the artist. The first was Asya Vorobyova - editor. With Dobrovolskoy he played together in the comedy "Male Zigzag", the series "Korleva Margot", "Women's Games", "The crisis of middle age". In 1995 he received the title of Honored Artist Mikhail Efremov. The biography of the actor in 2000 was replenished with filming in the global picture "Border. The taiga novel. " After this film, the actor became more popular. He was invited to the films "Antikiller", "Antikiller-2", he participated in the series "Romanovs. Crowned family "," Kamenskaya "and others. At this time with Dobrovolskaya they already dispersed, so it's no surprise that the filming of the "Romanovs. Crowned family "honored artist met with Xenia Kachalina, who became his third official companion of life.

Mikhail Efremov - biography, private life

Personal life. Father-hero

Those who are interested in Mikhail Efremov, biography,personal life of the actor, can learn about it interesting facts. After all, he is the father-hero. Of course, only mothers can have this status. However, Mikhail can boast that he is a father of many children. True, the mother of his offspring is not alone. After all, Mikhail Olegovich was married several times. From three previous marriages he has three children - two adult sons and a daughter. Now the wife of Efremova is Sofia Kruglikova. The couple have three children - two daughters and a son.

Mikhail Efremov - biography

At present, his personal life, the biography of MikhailEfremova is very interesting. After all, he lives with his wife not in one room, and not even in one house. According to the agreement, the couple got different houses in Jurmala. Sophia and her children live all summer long, and the honored artist visits her apartments, but occasionally. Evil tongues say that this is the decision of Michael, so that he does not interfere with the abuse of alcohol. Yes, one time the actor sinned with this, but then he took himself in hand, began to conduct the program "Wait for me", participate as a judge in the KVN and shoot a lot. This helped the actor get rid of the bad habit.

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