Many women who want to decorate their bodytattoos, choose floral motifs. Indeed, floral ornaments are appropriate to look at ladies of any age. This is not the kind of drawing you need to be ashamed of in adulthood. Which flower to choose? Effectively looks lotus (tattoo). The significance of this symbol can be multifaceted, it is not without reason that it is mentioned in many religions and cultures. Lotus is always associated with something good. If you are sure that you want to see this symbol on your skin, boldly stuff it with no higher meaning, just for the sake of beauty.

A beautiful flower with a stubborn temperament

Lotus tattoo value
You can see the lotus today in many greenhousesand botanical gardens. In different species of plants, inflorescences differ in size and color. There is one thing that unites them. All lotuses grow in marshy places, where it's not so easy to get to a person. The plant breaks from the muddy bottom through muddy waters to the surface in order to open its buds to meet the sun. It is for this reason that the lotus (tattoo) value often has a purposefulness and firmness of intent. This symbol is chosen for people who possess these qualities and those who only seek to develop them. But this is not the only interpretation of the sign, for centuries a beautiful flower has occupied the minds of many philosophers. For this reason, mention of the marsh flower is found in the cultures of many peoples.

Lotus in the ancient world

Lotus flower tattoos
Anyone thinks about how overwhelmingmost people will treat the selected drawing. It is worth thinking about this, even if you choose innocent tattoos flowers. Lotus is traditionally associated with Ancient Egypt and the East. In the kingdom of the pharaohs this plant was considered sacred, it was depicted along with the solar gods, symbolizing the constancy of cycles, eternal life and wisdom. If you turn to Buddhism, you can see that the inflorescences of the lotus depict gods and sages during meditation. To guess what lotus tattoo means in the context of this religion is not difficult. It is the enlightenment of consciousness and the desire to know the higher. Many people describe the lotus as a symbol of femininity because of the shape of its inflorescences. Not an exception - and the population of Ancient Rome, who considered the flower a symbol of the goddess of love.

The modern meaning of the symbol

Lotus tattoo on the leg
The lotus is a definitely positive symbol. In his entire history, he was not mentioned in any culture as a bad sign. In China, these inflorescences symbolize love and faithfulness, as well as a conjugal union. If you rely on this value, you can choose such a pattern to create paired tattoos of lovers. It is believed that the lotus (tattoo) has a mystical meaning. Sometimes this inflorescence is stuffed on your skin by people associated with spiritual practices, magic and fortune telling. The symbol does not suit warlocks and those who wish evil to others, since one of its meanings is purity. To fill a lotus is only with pure thoughts and good intentions. Often choose a tattoo in the form of this flower people who are going to change a lot in their lives. Remember that all the signs on the skin carry a strong energy. Approach the choice of tattoo must be conscious. If you decide to depict the lotus, in the future you will have to match the meaning and nature of this flower.

Choose a place for a tattoo

What does lotus tattoo mean?
Positive symbols can be typed on anyThis is perfectly safe. The choice of a place for a tattoo depends on your desire and lifestyle. People working in areas that require a strict dress code, it makes sense to choose areas of skin for tattoos that are easy to hide under the clothes. This is the back, hips and buttocks, stomach, upper arms and shoulders. If the opinion of the authorities and the public about your appearance does not bother you, you can choose any part of the body safely. It looks interesting tattoo lotus on the leg or arm, supplement it can be ornamental vegetation type or an arbitrary pattern. Often depict this flower with a goldfish or other eastern symbols. In this case, the value of the tattoo can be interpreted as the desire for the existing goal, combined with the success and favor of external factors. When creating a sketch, remember that the water lily and the lotus (tattoo) have different meanings. Learn to distinguish between these plants, and if you want to proudly carry a water lily revered all over the world since the time of the Egyptian pharaohs, do not confuse it with a lump or other plants of marshy water bodies.

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