Bulls are given special attention in many worldcultures. This is the embodiment of male energy and strength, and the messengers of the gods, and faithful guards of great women. In modern European traditions, bulls are most often associated with just one of the signs of the eastern calendar. But despite this, respect for the animal remains. What can a bull tattoo mean and who will do it most?

Bulls in the mythology and beliefs of the peoples of the world

bull tattoo

A large horned animal is a symbolenergy and primordial power. In the cultures of different peoples, the bulls were satellites and servants of the gods, and in some myths, similar deities, half human, and half half-bulls were mentioned. In this case, despite the formidable appearance and impressive muscle mass, this animal rarely personified a messenger of evil forces. Much more often the bull was assigned the role of a just and principled servant of higher forces. In Ancient Rome, these animals were sacrificed to the sun god, their blood was considered a special substance, symbolizing the renewal and the beginning of a new cycle. In Iran and India tattoo "ox" is often enough, because the inhabitants of these countries believe that this animal is a symbol of fertility and prosperity. It is believed that an angry animal symbolizes immense and untiring energy. Remember at least the myths about the Minotaur or the modern bullfight.

Bull Tattoo: Value and Sketches

bull tatoo value

Today the image is so powerful and formidableAnimal for tattoos is most often chosen by brutal men. This is an excellent option for decorating a large muscular body, especially if the owner of a bull tattoo associates himself with this beast or dreams to be more like him. What to represent is a matter of personal taste. Someone chooses sketches of the animal's head, drawn with all the details, someone is limited to schematic images. No less impressive is the silhouette of the bull or the whole body, depicted as naturalistic as possible. In any case, such a tattoo will become a bright symbol of all the best male character qualities. And most importantly, the tattoo "bull" perfectly complements the image of any brutal representative of the strong half of humanity. Suitable for such a native image and those who were born in the year of the animal in the eastern calendar.

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