Tattoos depicting the signs of the zodiac, todaystill popular, although the idea is not new. One of these plots for the tattoo is Cancer, they are decorated by the people born under this constellation, believing in the protection of the stars.

tattoo Cancer

Unlike the other zodiacal tattoos, this motif has another meaning. However, about everything in order.


Strangely enough, speaking of such a sign of the horoscope,like Cancer, we often see the image of a crab. With tattoos, things are the same. Sketches depicting crabs are as common as cancers. And the glyph in both cases is one, similar to two nines, lying one on the other.

Very different types of tattoo are distributed. Crayfish or crab, painted in a realistic style, often becomes a choice of representatives of the stronger sex. Often they choose an abstract image.

Decorated glyph is more like girls.

Places of application

The most common places are: forearm, collarbone, posterior surface of neck, back of hands, feet, ankles, shoulder blades. In many respects the choice of the place of application depends on whether the person wants to demonstrate the tattoo to others or considers this case to be personal and intimate.

Experts argue that the tattoo of the cancer on the armhelps to build a home cosiness. In this case, it is better to decorate the right hand with the image of cancer. Inflicted on the left, he, rather, will endow the owner with eternal discontent.

tattoo sketches cancer

The neck is no less popular for this tattoo. Cancer will help to earn business acumen, will bring success in business.

Power Engineering

In general, the energy of this symbol is very strong. It is a sign of water that gives owners the power of will, the desire for success, self-organization. Remember this when choosing tattoos (sketches). Cancer is a strong sign, it can have a much greater impact on life than you planned.

For the same reason, you should not choose too aggressive color combinations for this tattoo.

Women often choose the shadesturquoise and violet, and men prefer shades of blue, brown or ordinary black. To soften the influence of the mark can be with the help of white paint, especially as tattoos in this color today are at the peak of popularity.

In the struggle for life

There is another meaning for this tattoo. Cancer is not always a zodiac sign, for some it is a symbol of a terrible disease. Often, people struggling with this disease, depict a symbol of the fight against cancer, ribbons or inscriptions. In addition, a tattoo is important for those who want to hide scars from operations. Some just mask them under the picture.

tattoo of a cancer on a hand

And some are humorous and evenemphasize their specialty, choosing sketches with lacing or rivets, as if tightening the edges of the wound. Tattooed and women who have won mastopathy, decorating the breast-altered breast with luxurious tattooed underwear or other patterned tattoos.

Cancer or decorated inscription Cancer often flaunts on those who have already successfully defeated the disease or is a volunteer of any program aimed at helping oncologists.

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