Lily is a rather popular motif for tattoos,mostly female. Lilia tattoo is primarily associated with the purity and purity of the owner, but in fact, this symbol is deeper and more versatile. Professionals assert that this motif has come to us from the depths of centuries, and in times immemorial we have been loved by many peoples.

Lilium Tattoo

The symbol of the lily in the Christian worldview

Since ancient times, Christians have associated this flower withimage of the Virgin. Cleanliness, purity, innocence, tenderness, protection of the heavenly patroness - this is filled with the image of a lily for believing Christians. And despite the fact that in many denominations the very fact of drawing tattoos on the skin is considered sinful, some believers choose lily tattoos as personal amulets from the evils of the earth.

Pagan sign

In many pre-Christian cultures, the image of thisThe flower was revered and loved. For example, the Greeks believed that the lilies were grown from the milk of the supreme goddess Hera. The Romans personified with the lily the hope of returning home, success in business, deliverance from danger. In ancient Egypt, it symbolized fertility and women's health, so the tattoo of lilies was applied to the body by those who dreamed of the birth of children. The inhabitants of pre-Christian Northern Europe believed that elves live in lilies; it enveloped the flower with a halo of mystery and mysticism. Such a sign for the application on the skin could be chosen by people seeking to master secret knowledge, treasure seekers, fortunetellers. Sumerians also associated this flower with fertility, prosperity, healthy offspring.


Some noble families of Byzantium put lily onfamily coat of arms. Much later, in Medieval France, the lily was decorated with the Bourbon emblem. The symbolism of the flower did not change - as before, the lily symbolized purity, noble origin, high feelings.

Traditions of the East

In the centuries-old cultures of the Far Eastern countriesflowers are given a special place. Value has not only the form, but also the color, size, degree of maturity. Most revered in the East is the lotus, and it was from time immemorial there that they were endowed with all that symbolism that Europeans attributed to lilies. And on the arms, it was possible to meet him much more often. But the lily itself was not left without attention. For example, a pink flower symbolizes tenderness and youth. Yellow - disobedience and pride. Orange can be even a symbol of hatred. A noble white lily is often chosen as a symbol of the death of a loved one. The dark flowers of the lily in the East symbolize passion.

tattoo lily value

Alternative meaning

Many admirers of Dumas's creative work will easily rememberabout what the lily means. A tattoo or stigma with the image of this flower in some countries of Medieval Europe was applied to the shoulders of harlots. The image of the lily was on Milady's shoulder in the novel about the three musketeers. Other literary sources contain scrappy information that the lily could mean a woman's involvement in witchcraft, or her passion for alchemy.

Lily Tattoos these days

which means lily tattoo

One can not call a lily one of the most popularmotives for the tattoo. But this image is used quite often in our time. The original meaning of it has survived to this day, but, as a rule, anyone who decides to put on his body a drawing-tattoo, puts it in a special, personal, sometimes even hidden from others meaning. With the improvement of technology and the skill of applying tattoos, the lily value can be very different from the generally accepted one. It is performed in a variety of techniques, from tribal to surrealism. And those who want to emphasize their affectionate nature, kindness toward the world, benevolence and openness, often choose this flower.

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