In recent years, tattooing on the bodybecame extremely fashionable. There are many tattoo parlors in the country, where a variety of drawings are offered. They can be single or compositions, or even whole plot pictures. Can be monophonic and color, and also used art painting.

One of the popular tattoos for today are flowers. They are applied to different parts of the body. But the most popular are the drawings on the hands and feet, on the wrists, lower legs, hips, shoulders.

flower tattoo on the leg
Any master will offer a lot of colors for drawingtheir images on the body in the place where the client wants. But the very art of painting on the body came from the East, and there the tattoos have certain meanings both in the nature of the image, and in its color scale, and in its location on the body. Therefore, a qualified master should have this knowledge and give advice to his clients on the desired pattern.

"Flower" - tattoo on the leg

Of course, a flower is the most beautiful anduncomplicated in the perception of the image. It seems that in any case it will be a small decoration, for example on the shin at the ankle, like a bracelet. But it is necessary to understand the symbolism of these images.

Surprisingly beautiful flower on the body rose

For example, the tattoo "Rose" on the leg or on the arm will behave the same values. Of course, the rose is one of the most beautiful flowers. That is why it is most preferred when choosing a drawing on the body. It is applied equally to women and men.

tattoos with the image of flowers meaning pin
Rose at all times personified wisdom,freshness, innocence and youth. But the tattoo with the image of such a plant means the following: the leaves are a joyful sign, the flower itself is glory, and the thorns are sad. Also the value changes depending on the color of the picture. What else does the "Rose" tattoo on the leg matter? Gold denotes refinement, and red color means love. A white flower is a symbol of fidelity and purity, and blue is an impossibility, an inaccessibility.

tattoo rose on the leg
And what does the tattoo "Black Flowers" mean? This tattoo symbolizes separation, suffering.

A stitch with a rose can be made in those colors that are considered above. In this case, it all depends on the person who is imbued with the drawing.

Lily Tattoo on Leg

What kind of flower can often be seen on the body? Another popular option is lily. What is the common meaning of such a beautiful flower?

tattoos with a picture of flowers photo meaning napolok
Lily is a symbol of chastity, purity andinnocence, sometimes tranquility and pride. Such a lily was considered from ancient times. Especially all these characteristics are white. These values ​​can be endowed with a lotus and a white rose.

tattoo lily on the leg
"Flower" - a tattoo on the leg, which is veryoccurs in girls. Such an image can be either simple or complex, artistic, almost picturesque. After all, in nature there are no simple creations, in every flower there are many details:

  • the lines are rounded, soft;
  • shadows;
  • elements are multiple.

And these nuances should be taken into account when applying tobody picture. "Flower" - a tattoo on the leg, which looks great with a good work of the artist. It beautify the body for many years. "Flower" is a tattoo on the leg, which will emphasize femininity. With such a picture on the body, the girl will look very attractive


Tattoo with a composition of flowers with the right selectionpalette and the very symbol - the choice of many women, girls. Everything is important here: the flower itself, the number of its leaves and petals, additional details of the picture.

flower tattoo on leg rose lily and black flowers
After all, in an artistic tattoo, insects, dew, a bow or other elements may be present on the bud. A blossoming flower is more recommended to young girls, as a symbol of the flowering of life, energy.

Why on the leg?

Of course, a tattoo with a color image can be applied to any part of the body. Some paint their back with chic bouquets, decorate the lower back or chest with colorful plants.

black flower tattoos
Of course, everywhere looks beautiful flower. The tattoo on the leg is fascinating, especially if it is stuffed on the lower leg or thigh. This pattern will look more intimate. It will become a true adornment of the body. In addition, these places are less prone to age-related skin changes, which will make the painted flower more durable.

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