A couple of decades ago we met in Russiaa man proudly wearing a tattoo with an elephant was almost impossible. This majestic animal our compatriots used to see only in zoos and circuses. Today, tattoos are incredibly popular, and the variety of drawings that people choose for their own skin, you can wonder infinitely. Very often the image is made not only for decoration, but also with a certain secret meaning. What does the elephant matter? Tattoos with a pattern of this animal can be treated in different ways, we will consider the most popular variants of decoding this symbol.

Elephants in world cultures

The meaning of elephant tattoo
In countries where elephants live in a natural environment,the attitude towards them is quite special. These animals are respected for their intelligence, considered friends and helpers of man. Europeans, on the other hand, often consider elephants to be unwieldy and rude. A similar attitude to this animal can be seen in our country, remember at least the phraseology about "elephant skin". And still, if you want to know which elephant (tattoo) the value has, you should study the history of this symbol in more detail. Very often the drawings depicting this animal mean greatness, controlled power and wisdom. In some European countries, the belief is widespread that throughout the entire pregnancy (while the elephant has been nursed by the baby for about a year and a half), elephants do not have sex. For this reason, many people consider these amazing animals a symbol of love and loyalty.

Indian Traditions

Elephant tattoo value
With special honor to the elephants are in India,Thailand and some other countries where these animals live permanently near a person. Very often the owners of trunks are even deified. In the Hindu pantheon there is a god of Ganesha, depicted with the body of a man and the head of an elephant. He patronizes all creative people and is distinguished by responsiveness - he is always ready to listen to the pleas of supplicant and help. His trunk holds Ganesha, which means his victory over his own passions. If you choose the image of a given deity for the actual image, the elephant-tattoo meaning acquires a completely new meaning and can mean the desire for wisdom and the development of one's own talents. It is useful to make such a tattoo also for those who want to develop their will power and learn moderation. The image of a white elephant, considered especially happy in the beliefs of many peoples, looks original. Such an animal is considered a symbol of fertility, prosperity, happiness and high spirituality.

"Elephant", tattoo: the value on the zone

Enough for a long time in our countryThe art of tattooing was especially active in "places not so remote". In prison there is a multilevel and complex system of interpretation of the native images. Often, even the most banal drawing here has a complex, and sometimes rather ominous overtones. Images of elephants in prison tattoos are very rare. But the literal spelling of the name of this animal can be seen in many prisoners. The text tattoo "ELEPHANT" meaning on the zone has an interesting meaning, the abbreviation can be deciphered as: "Death to the blade of a knife" or "From a small age, some misfortunes."

Who will suit a tattoo with an elephant?

Tattoo elephant value on the zone
Traditionally, the image of large and stronganimals are recommended to stuff men. But if you pick the pattern in the right style, you can make it much easier. Therefore, in the modern world, tattoos depicting elephants are considered universal. Suitable for those who want to emphasize the strong qualities of their character or develop them. In particular, it is about wisdom and insight, will and purpose, self-confidence. The tattoo "elephant" meaning for girls has the same as for men. In our emancipated age, many beautiful ladies want to become stronger and smarter. If you like the images of elephants, feel free to choose a sketch with this animal for drawing a tattoo, because the value of this symbol is exceptionally positive!

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