Today the youth are very popularget tattoos of flowers. Such images are almost always a symbol of nature, personifying the cycle of its birth, dawn, life and death, rebirth. A living plant gives a push to a person for the realization of his inner world, develops a desire to act in an unconventional way.

The symbol of the lotus in the East

tattoo lotus flower value

Flowers in cultures of different nations have manyvalues. For example, the tattoo "lotus flower", the meaning of which will be discussed below, came to us from the East. It was the East that filled the lotus with a deep spiritual meaning. Due to the cup-shaped form this flower personifies the feminine. It was the cup that used to be considered the symbol of the continuation of the family, life, birthplace, longevity and prosperity, health and immortality, purity of the soul.

If we consider the value of tattoo "lotus", it can be noted that this flower, namely its structure, personifies the relationship of male and female beginnings.

value of lotus tattoo
So, in India, the lotus is correlated with the yoni - female genital organ, which personifies the mother goddess, the beginning of a great sacral force.

The symbol of the lotus in India, Rome and Greece

The meaning of the tattoo "red lotus" came to us exactlyfrom India. The red flower is the emblem of this country and represents a huge creative force. In Egypt, he embodies the intellect and royalty. In ancient Rome and ancient Greece, the lotus was the emblem of the goddess of love, and in Hinduism it represents the whole universe, liberation from sinful life and immortality. In Iran, this plant is associated with cosmic life.

designation of lotus tattoo

Since the lotus is today a symbol of the East,he expresses chastity, fertility, purity and integrity, spiritual growth, the union of the Moon and the Sun, peace and tranquility, harmony and happiness. The meaning of "lotus" tattoo can vary in some countries, because each culture gives it its own special meaning. Before you figure it out, you need to consider what the lotus is.

What is the lotus?

Lotus is an unusually beautiful flower,sacred in the eyes of the natives, a plant growing on dirty water. It has been growing for many years on submarine grounds, has underwater and above-water leaves. Those of them that float on the water, flat-rounded shape, they sit on powerful straight petioles of various heights, resembling a large funnel. The leaves of the plant are covered with a wax coating, which gives it a mysterious appearance. Drops of water, falling on a sheet, poured, so many remind pearls.

Bearing in itself the symbolism of the East, it servesa symbol of purity. The value of tattoo "lotus" is very interesting. This plant can be found in Buddhist treatises. Since the flower is born in the impure water, in a swamp, it nevertheless appears in the light pure and unblemished. Also, all beings who are born in the "world of samsara", but follow the teachings of the Buddha, eventually get rid of obscurations. In Buddhist art, the lotus image is widely used.

This sacred plant was predetermined by manimportant role. In many works of art, for example, painting, poetry or sculpture, the lotus in modern times has not lost its significance. It continues to be mentioned in verse, it can be found in paintings, sculptures of contemporaries.

Lotus in the modern world

value of tattoo red lotus

It's no wonder that so many young girls andyoung men choose lotus tattoos. This flower admired and continues to delight a large number of people with its beauty, despite the fact that it grows in marshy water bodies. Anyone who is looking for a designation of tattoo "lotus", will discover a lot of interesting things. He learns that the flower represents the divine birth, tranquility, perfection and harmony. Overcoming the barrier of turbid water, it blooms on the surface of the reservoir, remaining clean and undefiled. So people, according to the religion of the East, if they follow the teachings righteously, eventually become purified, gaining purity of thought and spirit, and give the world the beauty and richness of the soul.

Lotus in the cultures of different countries

The value of tattoo "lotus" today is quite extensive. This is due to the fact that this flower in different cultures and beliefs has a large number of personifications. But they all have something in common: a lotus combines two principles, male and female, consequently, beauty and tranquility, along with stubbornness, the desire to overcome obstacles and boldly go to their goal. Maybe that's why lotus tattoos are chosen as representatives of the weaker sex, and men in the whole world.

Lotus - a huge beautiful flower of gentlePink-white with a transparent core. Anyone who sees him at least once, will fall in love with him forever. The flower emits a sweet aroma that carries man to the land of the rising sun. An ancient legend says: "For a wish to come true, you need to guess it along with the breath of lotus fragrance!" Having become acquainted with this wonderful flower and its history, most young people do not want to part with it, so they want to capture its image on their body.

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