If we talk about tattoos, then the tattoo pistols -a new phenomenon, you can rarely see such an image. This picture is suitable for both girls and boys. The only differences are form, style and color.

tattoo gun
As for the female part of the population, the girlsprefer a tattoo gun to do in conjunction with some other beautiful symbols. The guys have their opinion on this. Their tattoos do not have colorful hues, they are big enough.

Many young people prefer to do just thattattoo gun. The significance of such a tattoo is the manifestation of hooligan feelings, indifference and self-confidence. The beautiful half sees in this sign insolence and independence. The image of the pistols is divided into two types: single and pair. If two revolvers are applied, it is a symbol of the Wild West. Usually they are represented in cross-section. One pistol can be depicted in any style, either separately or with some supplement. Often the person who made himself a tattoo in the form of a pistol, perceive very cautiously, because it is believed that these people are trying to protect themselves from provocations and insults in all possible ways.

tattoo gun value

Such a tattoo is often done by people whovery long time had experience in the use of weapons, such as the military. For them, a tattoo gun is a memory of a past life and a hope for the future. Some try to forget their past and start a new life, in this way expressing it.

The uneasy value of the tattoo gun is on the zone. Prisoners were given such a threatening look, people seemed more dangerous. For some, this symbol was a sign of remorse. In other words, weapons, like alcohol, girls and drugs, are something that can ruin a person. Such a tattoo can mean a person's repentance for the perfect deeds. For example, the image of a pistol and a rose means blood for treason.

Weapons are a manifestation of playfulness, seriousness andfreedom at the same time. The meaning of this symbol depends on the image method, from the place where it is applied. In the event that a person wants to prove himself in the role of a hunter, a daring cowboy or a secret agent, a tattoo gun will do the best.

The image areas of such tattoos are as follows: lower abdomen, thigh, shoulder, back and chest. The drawing in the form of a small gun most often adorns the feminine hips or chest.

tattoo guns

Tattoo in the form of a pistol - originaldecision in the art of tattoo. This hooligan and daring choice is made by the most daring and original people. In this case, it does not matter what sex the owner of the image. Sometimes one or two guns are applied in places where they are actually worn. The girls make a tattoo on their hips in the form of a small pistol tucked away from the stockings. It is very playful, unusual and beautiful. It happens that two guns are depicted around the belt or are drawn on the inside of the hand. In any case, this tattoo will look original and very stylish, whether it is on the body of a guy or a girl.

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