Cognac in Armenia is produced long ago, hebeginning and up to now, enjoys well-deserved demand and respect among connoisseurs of this drink, thanks to its high quality, which is attained by high-class specialists - masters of their craft.


In 1887 the production of Armeniancognac. At this time, the merchant of the first guild Nersess Tairyyan founded a winery in Yerevan. Local cognac was produced using French technologies, and by the time the history of these drinks was more than 150 years old.

Armenian cognac 5 stars

The next round of development of the plant came in 1899the year when it was purchased by merchant Nikolai Shustov, who significantly increased the production of cognac. 1900 was a turning point, it was at this time that Shustov sent examples of his cognac to the exhibition in Paris and won the Grand Prix there. In this regard, the French have allowed the drink to be called not brandy, as it should be, but cognac, so to this day the product produced at the Shustov plant in Yerevan is called that way.

At the same time cognac produced by the companyN. L. Shustov and Sons ", begins to be delivered to the Imperial Palace. In 1920, the Yerevan plant was transferred to state ownership. In 1953 he moved to another building and became known as the "Yerevan Brandy Factory". It is here that the best Armenian cognac of 5 stars is produced so far. Since 1998, YBC has been part of the Pernod Ricard group. Armenian cognac is a drink that is produced in Armenia and is popular all over the world.

Armenian cognac 5 stars reviews

An interesting fact in the history of cognac is history,related to the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. Every day he drank a bottle of brandy "Dvin", but one day it turned out that his favorite drink changed his taste, and he immediately told Stalin about it. The changes occurred because the technologist of the Yerevan Brandy Factory was deported to Siberia. After the incident, the specialist of his case Markar Sedrakyan was returned to his previous position and awarded the title of Hero of Socialist Labor. He held this position from 1948 to 1973, was awarded the title "Knight Tasting" in 1972 in France.

Characteristics of the drink

The real Armenian cognac of 5 stars should be transparent, dark amber color and without sediment. The share of alcohol is at least 40%.

Five-star Armenian cognac producedby blending cognac spirits of middle age and aged in oak Caucasian barrels of manual work for at least five years. Six varieties of grapes are used for its production, 5 of which are purely Armenian, and the sixth is the Georgian "rkatsiteli". The bouquet of the drink is not revealed immediately, but in time. The notes of dried fruits perfectly blend in with the aromas of vanilla and flowers. The drink has a complex, pronounced taste with notes of chocolate and spices. This cognac will have a long aftertaste, and it perfectly acts as a digestive.

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The most famous cognacs of Armenia

Until 1999, there was only one cognac production enterprise in Armenia - the Yerevan Brandy Factory. Then there were other manufacturers.

In Armenia, there are about ten cognac manufacturers and even more suppliers that import products under the brand name "Armenian cognac".

The most famous manufacturers are:

  • Yerevan Brandy Factory (Pernod Ricard Group);
  • MARZ Ararat Brandy Factory;
  • "Great Valley";
  • Yerevan cognac wine-vodka factory "Ararat".

The most popular Armenian drink is madeThe Yerevan brandy factory is the cognac "Ararat". He has a golden color and a delicate aroma. "Ararat" - Armenian cognac 5 stars, according to the best experts, is not worse than imported drinks.

It is worth a couple of words to say about the price. So, if you consider Armenian cognac (5 stars), the price of a bottle on average is $ 20. But there are options as cheaper, and more expensive.

The second popular Armenian cognac 5 stars -"Noah" - is considered the national pride of the country. Even in the Bible it is described how during the great flood Noah entered the lands of Mount Ararat. And, as is known since childhood, on the Mount Ararat, a delicious grape grows, which is used to make Armenian cognac 5 stars. It differs in that the morning after eating the drink does not hurt the head. The cost of a bottle of this drink is from 30 dollars.

Armenian cognac 5 stars

Armenian cognac 5 stars: reviews

Armenian cognac is a symbol of quality, itIt is appreciated all over the world due to pronounced taste and long aftertaste. Special connoisseurs sometimes compare the Armenian cognac 5 stars with armagnac. It is considered an ideal option for a gift.

The biggest problem of Armenian cognac isCounterfeit, which can be identified only after the discovery. The first difference is the aroma, with a real drink it will be multifaceted, and the fake has a pronounced smell of alcohol. When buying, you should pay attention to where the drink was produced and bottled, the real Armenian cognac is always produced in Armenia.

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