Douching is called a therapeutic way of washingvaginal water or drugs based on it. The essence of the method is the mechanical washing of the contents. At the same time (depending on the properties of the drug used), a cauterization or toning of the vaginal membrane is performed, as well as a disinfectant or tonic effect. Douching during pregnancy (second half) and during the postpartum period is not recommended.

Douching at home is consideredthe most effective among other methods for thrush. It is necessary to use a syringe for gynecological purposes carefully. Pressures should be smooth. Thus, you can avoid getting into the uterus used in the syringe liquid. Caution should be exercised when introducing a syringe. Damage to the vaginal walls leads to very serious bacterial and fungal infectious lesions.

Inside the vagina there are alwaysregulating fungal reproduction of bacteria. With violations in the microflora, they are not able to control the rapid multiplication of fungal bacteria. To restore balance in the microflora, you should dilute one teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide (3% is recommended) in a glass of water. It should be noted that such syringing is done once a day, for several days, until the symptoms stop completely.

Very effective is special tea oiltree. Its solution is also used for thrush. To prepare, add one teaspoon of oil to one teaspoon of medical (isopropyl) alcohol. The mixture is stored in a special vial-dropper, the cap must be screwed at the same time. For the procedure, ten drops of the available solution are dissolved in water (in two glasses). It should be noted that such syringing is carried out during the week once a day.

To restore the pH to the vagina, it is usedacid solution. At the same time, some kind of neutralization of the development of harmful microorganisms occurs. To make it, you can use ordinary (you can apple) vinegar in the amount of two tablespoons and a liter of water. Replace vinegar can be freshly squeezed fresh juice half a lemon with the addition of a teaspoon of C-vitamin. It should be noted that such syringing with mildly flowing thrush should be done every day, and with a higher intensity it is better to use a combination of douching and other methods.

As neutralizing solutions fordouching also uses infusions of herbs. In this case, the herbs have an effect on the inflammatory processes, stopping them. As a rule, the infusion is prepared from sage, raspberry leaves or comfrey. Ingredients should be used in equal proportions. The collection of four tablespoons is poured into boiling water (one liter). Within about twenty (fifteen) minutes, the infusion is brewed. It is cooled to room temperature and filtered. In addition, you can add vinegar (apple) in the amount of two tablespoons or a quarter of a cup of yogurt or acidophilic powder (a tablespoon). It should be noted that such syringing with thrush is carried out at different intervals (depending on the manifestation). With a gentle flow, the procedure is performed once in two days, with a more intensive one every day.

To conduct a procedure at home, it is betterbe in the bathroom. It will be more comfortable lying on the back, and it's better to put your feet on the edges. For douching, as a rule, a rubber pear with a special tip or an irrigator is used, which is equipped (in addition to the balloon and tip) with a special tube (usually plastic). Thus it is possible to control, lowering or raising a cylinder, a stream of a liquid.

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