What is syringing? This washing of the vagina with various solutions that help clean the mucosa and improve the microflora, cure the inflammatory processes. If everything is normal, this procedure is absolutely superfluous, as it is an interference in the natural microflora of the vagina. But with various diseases syringing becomes the main method of treatment.

However, today the topic of our article is a little narrower. We will not talk about the benefits of this procedure in general, we are only interested in douching with hydrogen peroxide. How does official medicine look at such a procedure, in which case can it be appointed and what functions does it perform? About this and many other things in our article.

douching with hydrogen peroxide

Peroxide is a remedy for all diseases

Indeed, it is a universal antiseptic,which is widely used in medicine and cosmetology. Priority areas are surgery and gynecology. In the first place, such a solution acquired such a solution because it has antimicrobial properties. It was this fact that served as the basis for the practice of douching with hydrogen peroxide in gynecology. This antiseptic creates unfavorable conditions for various viruses and pathogenic fungi.

In this case, patients often have severalpuzzled when they hear about syringing with hydrogen peroxide. Everyone has seen how this fluid interacts with blood, and such a reaction within the body is very few people happy. In fact, this concern is in vain. Peroxide is an environmentally friendly product that does not cause painful sensations in contact with mucous membranes. Moreover, it is hypoallergenic and non-toxic.

douching with hydrogen peroxide for thrush

For consultation with a doctor

It should be emphasized that douchinghydrogen peroxide can be prescribed only by a doctor. Whatever you think, even if the symptoms completely coincide with those in which the doctor appointed the procedure last time, first to the reception, and then to the pharmacy. Even rinsing with plain water is not recommended without medical approval, since such an intervention can lead to dysbiosis and deterioration.

Thrush is not a problem forever

Indeed, it occurs very often andusually passes briefly, returning again and again. However, competent treatment will help if you do not completely relieve yourself of relapses, at least reduce their frequency. In this case, the main means for fighting Candida fungi are solutions for irrigation of the vagina. Douching with hydrogen peroxide in thrush can be carried out both in the treatment room and at home. To do this, you will need a syringe, which you can buy at the pharmacy and boil.

The procedure at home is best in the bathroomroom, before preparing the solution. It should not be hot or cold, the ideal option is room temperature. Always use fresh solution every time.

douching with hydrogen peroxide solution

Pergidol on the guard of women's health

Douching with hydrogen peroxide for thrushallows quickly carry out the sanation of the vagina, since the solution has antiseptic and antimicrobial effect. At home, the solution can be used daily, throughout the course of treatment.

Since not all women know aboutdouching with a solution of hydrogen peroxide, we'll talk about this in more detail, because he himself has proven himself in the treatment of thrush. It is widely used by gynecologists, venereologists and dermatologists for the treatment and prevention of various fungal diseases.

Perhydrol inhibits active growth of the fungus. That is, immunity is at least given a chance to cope with the fungus. Unlike other recommended drugs, peroxide does not have side effects. This allows you to prescribe douching with 3% hydrogen peroxide to almost every woman.

However, here lies the main danger. Hearing that this is an effective tool for combating a common ailment, women begin to engage in self-medication. But in fact with the wrong proportions (the ratio of water and peroxide), you can get a burn mucous. This is not a frequent occurrence, but since such a probability exists, modern doctors prefer to prescribe more harmless means.

douching with hydrogen peroxide proportions

How does peroxide work?

Here we will deviate a little in the direction of historymedicine. How did you first come to the conclusion that pergrol was used in gynecology as part of the fight against thrush? The fact is that research has shown the naturalness of this solution for our body. Each woman in the body contains and peroxide, and fungal microorganisms Candida. However, the body produces peroxide very little, so if a number of factors that favor the growth of fungal colonies interfere, it clearly will not suffice.

Peroxide is an unstable compound thatdecomposes into oxygen and water. Oxygen is known for its antiseptic properties, it chemically helps kill yeast infection. However, great care should be taken, especially if you have decided to perform a douche peroxide on your own initiative. Feedback suggests that excess concentration leads to burns and painful sensations. Especially often this occurs if the area affected by the fungal infection is already very inflamed or the infection is serious enough.

douching with hydrogen peroxide during erosion

Preliminary diagnosis

The appearance of whites is not always a signthrush, so it is extremely important first of all to determine the cause of their occurrence. Douching with hydrogen peroxide according to Neumyvakin presupposes preventive and curative procedures, however gynecologists highly do not recommend carrying out such a procedure unnecessarily.

Peroxide in its pure form is suitable only forexternal application. A solid solution for syringing is not used, since it is possible to get burns of the mucosa. Remember that uncontrolled syringing can disrupt the environment of the vagina and itself become the cause of thrush development.

Fundamental rules

We will tell you about how to proceed ifthe doctor prescribed syringing with hydrogen peroxide. The proportions are the average, according to the expert's recommendations, the solution may be weaker or more concentrated. So, we pass to the rules:

  • First of all, boiled water is needed. It is not necessary to risk and recruit water from under the hot tap, its quality is highly doubtful. It is much better to pour water from the kettle into the jar beforehand and wait.
  • In pharmacies, a different peroxide solution is sold, as well as perhydrol tablets for self-preparation. However, this procedure is ideal for 3% peroxide.
  • A liter of boiled water consumes 1 tablespoon of 3% solution.
  • Do not spend the procedure too often, hoping to defeat your illness as soon as possible. Once a day is enough.
  • The treatment process will be quite long. If only peroxide is used, the course lasts from 14 days to a month.
    syringing with hydrogen peroxide 3%

We prepare the working solution

Before we go any further, we are still a little bitwe will stop on how to dilute hydrogen peroxide for syringing. Boiled water should cool down to 40 degrees, the water to the touch should be pleasantly warm. Depending on the doctor's appointment, you need to add 1 tablespoon peroxide to it.

It is necessary to prepare a syringe or pear,carefully boiled and cooled on a sterile napkin. Douching with hydrogen peroxide (3 percent) helps normalize the conditions for vital activity of beneficial bacteria. In turn, they control the multiplication of fungal microorganisms.

This procedure is very helpful ifthe microflora of the vagina and useful bacteria are no longer able to stop the reproduction of pathogenic microflora. In this case, as soon as the clinical symptoms disappear, you must immediately stop the procedure. However, we must remember that completely cure thrush only peroxide is not possible, in addition gynecologists prescribe antifungal therapy and other medicines at their discretion.

Technique of the procedure

It's easier when you do it in a proceduraloffice. There the doctor will control the entire process from start to finish. However, you can manage at home, yourself. To do this, you need to prepare a solution and syringe, napkins and go to the bathroom. Before the procedure, you need to rinse the genitals with water, lubricate the entrance to the vagina and the nozzle of the syringe with vaseline. Entering the syringe should not be deeper than 7 cm. Douching itself is performed no longer than 15 minutes. The solution is introduced very slowly. After it is completed, you can again rinse the genitals with plain water and pat dry with a clean cloth.

douching with hydrogen peroxide on neumyvakinu


Quite often the question arises whetheruse douching with hydrogen peroxide in erosion and other diseases of the female reproductive system. Only a doctor can answer these questions after the examination, so do not take risks. Erosion is a violation of the integrity of the mucous membrane, that is, an ulcer. Her treatment should be comprehensive. As a cauterization the doctor can choose hydrogen peroxide, but this procedure will be performed under the supervision of a doctor, on a gynecological chair.

Before prescribing treatment, remember that this procedure has contraindications to be reckoned with. These include:

  • Cervical erosion.
  • Inflammatory diseases that are not associated with thrush. Although at first glance, they may have similar symptoms.
  • Postoperative period.
  • Menstruation.
  • Pregnancy and postpartum period. Again, there may be exceptions if treatment of poorly healing seams is required.

Instead of concluding

It must be stressed once again that the use ofwater with hydrogen peroxide should not be the only way to treat thrush. This disease is complex, therefore, the recovery will be affected by a balanced diet, the exclusion of simple carbohydrates and the mandatory use of yogurt. Stress and lack of normal sleep also contribute to the activation of fungal diseases, so review your schedule. It is very important to observe the rules of personal hygiene, do not wear synthetic and too tight underwear and take a shower in time.

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