Recently on TV and on the Internetyou can see a lot of ads that call on women to get rid of thrush once and for all. What kind of ailment is this? Because of what there is a thrush? And how can she "resist"? These are the issues that will be considered in this article.

Thrush (candida colpitis) representsa fungal disease that occurs in 80 women out of 100. Almost every woman who has experienced thrush can not completely get rid of it. Finding out why thrush appears, first you should understand that Candida fungus is the cause of this disease. By itself, it is harmless and participates in metabolic processes along with other microorganisms. However, under the influence of some factors, this fungus can become aggressive and bring a lot of trouble.

The main reasons for which is thrushin women, most often becomes a violation in the vagina of microflora. In this case, the microflora can be disturbed by the ingress of dirt, non-observance of the necessary intimate hygiene, and the use of other people's towels. Regardless of the fact that the thrush appears, most of all it develops and worsens during the hot season. it is the heat that most provokes the development and growth of bacteria and fungi. Thrush can also occur as an adverse event in any other diseases of a woman. In such cases, treatment of thrush should be carried out simultaneously with the treatment of the disease, which was the cause of its development. The cause, which causes thrush, may be weakened immunity or simply pregnancy, as well as taking antibiotics or contraceptives.

In order to avoid this disease, it is important to knownot only because of what appears thrush, but also how it can get infected. The answer to this question is simple: given that this fungal disease, infection can occur sexually or by the way of life. Household contamination can be with a rare change of underwear, when washing a healthy man's laundry with the linen of an infected person. The fungi that cause the pathogenic process can also be transmitted through contact with water (bathing with an infection carrier in one bath, a river, a swimming pool).

Sexually, you can get a thrush afterintimate relationship with a man. It is interesting that men are only carriers of this disease, i.e. most often they do not even observe the manifestation of thrush at home.

The best treatment is prevention. A thrush, like any other disease, is easier to prevent than cure. To do this, you must follow the most basic rules. It should be washed thoroughly in the morning and in the evening, changing underwear every 24 hours, when using a towel, use a separate towel for the genitals. It is better to wash with chlorine-containing powders, the laundry should be ironed whenever possible. After swimming in public places, it is best to do preventive douching with herbs. When having sex, condoms or some other barrier measures should be used. You can also use special spermicide lubricants, decontaminating bacteria. Well, probably the main rule is a timely visit to a gynecologist (all women should undergo a half-yearly examination).

If the thrush already appeared, then, "discarding"preventive maintenance, it is necessary to be accepted for treatment. Today, there are already a huge number of effective drugs, including vaginal suppositories, and tablets for oral administration. Often, along with pills and candles, the doctor prescribes douching with astringent anti-inflammatory decoctions. At the same time, as a basis for douching, you can take the bark of oak, celandine, string, chamomile, or you can just buy a gynecological collection in the pharmacy, which is designed specifically for these purposes.

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