Thrush is an infection caused byyeast-like fungi of the genus Candida, which can affect the mucous membranes of the mouth, intestines or genitals. Infection occurs by contact-household, sexual way, as well as by moving fungi from the intestine to the mucous membrane of the genitals.

How is thrush manifested?. External manifestations of candidiasis directly dependfrom the organ in which the focus of infection is located. For children, for example, characterized by infection of the oral cavity (disease of dirty hands), when the tongue and mucous membranes are covered with small white sores-flakes.

In most cases, adultsdefeat of the genitals. Speaking of women, the most frequent cases are candidiasis of the vagina. Since thrush is one of the most "popular" women's problems, questions like "What causes candidiasis", "How does thrush", "How to deal with thrush" are very frequent when visiting a gynecologist.

With a decrease in immunity, the intake of antibiotics,diseases of the endocrine system, instability of the hormonal background, gastrointestinal diseases and other provoking factors creates a favorable environment for the reproduction of fungi of the genus Candida, resulting in the defeat of the vaginal wall, which controls the growth of pathogenic microorganisms. Very soon a woman begins to feel discomfort, itching, pain with urination and physical intimacy, there are curdled discharge from the vagina - this manifests thrush.

How does thrush in girls look like?. As already mentioned, thrush cantransmitted in various ways, so the diagnosis of "candidiasis" can be delivered even to a girl who does not lead a sexual life. In this case, the disease can be provoked by a prolonged intake of antibiotics, the movement of fungi into the vagina from the intestine (this is facilitated by the structure of the female body: the vagina and anus are closely located).

How does thrush in men. Despite the common misconception thatThrush is sick only by women, men are also often in the grip of Candida fungi. When the genitalia is affected, they are diagnosed with a "balanoposthitis candidiasis". Most often a man gets infected from his sexual partner, but some healthy men (16%) come into contact with fungi, being carriers of the disease (of course, remaining completely ignorant). In the risk group are men with weak immunity, who have diabetes and who are overweight.

Symptoms of thrush in men are not so pronounced,as in women, but also representatives of the strong half of humanity are faced with itching, pain and white curd rash covering the head of the penis.

Know how to manifest thrush is small, you needregularly monitored by a doctor, since it is difficult to put the right diagnosis. A medical examination, a stroke analysis will help you navigate the problem and prescribe a course of treatment.

Histatin from thrush

Quite often, for the treatment of thrush, doctors recommend a drug called "Nystatin." It is an antifungal agent that can be used by both adults and children.

The usual daily dose of nystatin for an adult is 1 (2) tablets four times a day or four times taking an oral suspension (500,000 units). Dosage is prescribed by a doctor !!! The child's dose depends on the agepatient: from birth to the year - 100 thousand units of suspension four times a day; from year to 18 years - one (two) oral tablets four times a day or four oral suspension (500 thousand units).

Treatment with nystatin can last up to 14 days. Tablets slowly dissolve in the mouth for 15-20 minutes (but do not chew or swallow whole). The mouth is rinsed with a suspension, using a portion of the dose for the left side of the mouth at once, then the other for the right, keeping it in the mouth for as long as possible.

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