Thrush in women - this phenomenon is enoughfrequent and very unpleasant. And in the world there is almost no mature sex of the fairer sex who would not have experienced this disease on herself. Its name was received because of the type of discharge, more like cottage cheese. In a scientific way, thrush is called candidiasis, and the causative agent is Candida yeast.

thrush in women is

Symptoms of the disease

Thrush in women is a disease thatcan be completely asymptomatic, and you can learn about it only when you have a routine examination with your local gynecologist. However, in the majority it manifests itself quite clearly. The woman experiences a burning sensation and discomfort in the area of ​​the external genitalia, which intensifies towards the night or after hot water procedures. The woman notices that her genitals are flushed and inflamed, a swelling appeared. She begins to experience quite strong pains - so manifests itself inflamed mucous. In addition, during urination, very unpleasant sensations, similar to resists, may appear. The emergence of thrush in women is almost always accompanied by abundant cheesy discharge that does not have a smell. They also cause itching, which causes a lot of inconvenience. Sex, too, will cause painful sensations due to the fact that the mucous membrane is very inflamed.


chronic thrush in women

Candida yeast fungus is sexually transmittedfrom a sick partner to a healthy partner. However, most often thrush in women occurs for other reasons, absolutely not related to the sexual life and its activity. The change in the hormonal background entails a change in the vaginal environment and provokes fungal growth. Most often this happens before menstrual bleeding or during the reception of contraceptive hormonal agents. For the same reason, most pregnant women suffer from thrush. Weak immunity, the use of antibiotics, the transferred diseases also cause increased growth of candidiasis. Stress, fatigue and nervous shocks can also change the microflora and lead to thrush. Often thrush in women is an allergy to intimate detergents, deodorized pads and tampons, synthetic underwear. In addition, personal hygiene plays a huge role. Many forget that it is perhaps the most important thing in the prevention of such a disease as chronic thrush in women.


occurrence of thrush in women

Now in pharmacies there was a massdrugs and suppositories that can quickly destroy the fungal infection. Some of them operate aiming and instantly, saving the woman from unpleasant sensations. However, it should be remembered that any drug should be administered only by your healthcare provider on the basis of examinations and test results. And you know, thrush in women is not a harmless disease at all: it can lead to infertility. Therefore, when the first symptoms appear, it is worth to visit a gynecologist and begin the recommended treatment.

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