The most popular misconception in the field of medicineis that most people believe that thrush can occur only in those women who are sexually active. However, it is not. After all, such a disease is not transmitted sexually. That's why some doctors after the diagnosis often hear from their teenage patients the question of what is thrush. In girls, this disease is as acute and with intense pain, as in adult women. In this regard, gynecologists strongly recommend starting treatment of such a disease when the first symptoms appear.

thrush in girls signs
Thrush in girls: signs of disease

It is worth mentioning especially that to suspect yourselfthis disease in the early stages is quite difficult. After all, it was established for a long time that there are practically no signs when the yeast develops. However, with a more attentive attitude towards your body, the symptoms can still be identified.

First of all, a girl who hassuspicion of the presence of this disease, you should pay attention to whether she has any discharge from the vagina, as well as what their regularity and intensity. In the event that a young woman began to mark herself with such a symptom even in an insignificant amount, she should immediately pass a smear to the analysis. When detecting this disease, it is recommended to immediately start treatment.

Thrush in girls: signs of disease in the first stages of development

It should be specially noted that at the very beginning of such adiseases in girls may not be vaginal discharge. In this case, it becomes even more difficult to suspect this misfortune. However, there are also situations where thrush in girls is manifested in the form of banal cystitis. This is due to the fact that the urethra of women begins to be gradually affected by fungi. Thus, the girl may have the following symptoms:

  • frequent urination in small portions;
  • burning in the vagina and on the labia;
  • pain after urination;
  • weight slightly above the pubis (may not be observed).

what is thrush in girls
Thrush in girls: signs of disease at later stages of development

If the first symptoms of such a disease girlcould not recognize, and accordingly, and begin treatment, then in the future the signs can manifest themselves more intensively. Thus, a young woman can gradually intensify the itching of the labia, as well as hyperemia and swelling. In addition, from the vagina begins to go thick discharge in the form of coagulated milk, from which emits an unpleasant sour smell.

Thrush in girls: signs and causes of the disease

thrush in girls

There are many versions, why young girls who do not have sex life, this disease occurs. Here are some of them:

  1. Use of any antibiotics without prescribing a doctor.
  2. Non-observance of hygiene of genitals.
  3. Stressful situations.
  4. Low level of immune defense.

Thrush can also occur in women who have a promiscuous sex life.

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