One of the children's diseases is thrush. It can be caused by the use of non-sterile nipples, inadequate oral hygiene, spoons, or other objects with which the baby has direct contact. Sometimes the disease manifests itself after childbirth, then in this case it is worth noting that the infection occurred during the passage through the birth canal. Thrush in newborns can have severe clinical signs or vice versa, it can be asymptomatic.

Factors provoking the development of thrush

  1. Immaturity of the oral mucosa, mainly in premature infants
  2. Reduction of the immune system after a disease
  3. Dysbacteriosis
  4. Inadequate hygiene

Symptoms of thrush

Thrush in children in the mouth manifests itself in the form of whitepoints or raid in the sky and language. Eruptions are curdled formations. At first, the formed plaque is easily removed with a bandage. After the procedure, inflamed areas of the oral mucosa are exposed. When the form is started, ulcers and erosion are observed.

What is dangerous for thrush in newborns?

The kid becomes restless, he can not eatneither from a spoon, nor from a bottle. There is a high probability of developing candidiasis of the gastrointestinal tract (gastrointestinal tract). But this is not the worst thing. The danger is that the multiplying bacteria cause allergies, which can manifest not immediately, but after a month, a year or two after recovery. Who will you then blame?

Treating Thrush

As a rule, treatment of thrush in children is conductedlocal drugs, which appoint a doctor. A fairly effective effect on this disease has a solution of Candida. Duration of treatment - up to 10 days, depending on the form of the disease.

How correctly to be treated with Candide? After each feeding, it is recommended to remove the remaining milk, which is a source of food for yeast. Invite the child to drink some water or wipe the mucous membrane of the mouth with a moist bandage. On a cotton swab, apply 11-12 drops of solution and treat the affected areas. Repeat the procedure is recommended 3 times a day. If during this time the disease does not pass, ask your doctor about the possibility of using a pediatric dose of "Diflucan".

Also, thrush is effectively treated innewborns with vitamin B12 and ½ tablets Nystatin. Before the procedure, the tablet should be crushed and mixed with 1 ampoule of vitamin B12. After feeding, treat affected areas of the oral mucosa. It is recommended to carry out the procedure up to 6 times a day. A positive result after such treatment is observed already on the second day.

Another no less effective way -Treatment of affected areas with a solution of "Sodium tetraborate 20%". The procedure should be performed 3 times a day, mainly after a meal. Before treatment, the solution is used in a clean, not diluted form.

If you are not sure whether to use medicinaldrugs or not, use the folk recipe. At the first manifestations of thrush, wipe the baby's mouth with a soda solution. In 1 tbsp. warm, boiled water add 1 teaspoonful. l. soda. A small piece of binder after feeding, wipe the mouth up to 6 times a day.

Regardless of the method of treatment, paydue attention to your breasts, nipples and bottles. Before each feeding, treat the breast with a solution of soda, bottle and nipple regularly boil. Keep sterile pacifiers only in a special container. Remember, thrush in newborn children does not pass by itself. For the recovery of your baby, a full-fledged treatment is needed, which only a pediatrician can offer. All prescriptions must be performed until the disease completely disappears.

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