According to statistics, 70 percent of all women at least once faced with such a disease as thrush. Than to treat it in house conditions and by means of traditional medicine, we will consider hardly further.

thrush than to treat

Causes and Symptoms

Candidiasis can appear due to differentdiseases, after which the normal microflora of the genital and internal organs, oral cavity or gastrointestinal tract is destroyed, and yeast-like fungi are formed instead. It is them in the common people who call such a seemingly innocuous word as a thrush. Than to treat the given illness? This question interests every person who has faced it for the first time or once again. After all, this disease leads to irritation of the mucous membranes, as well as to swelling, unpleasant sensations and itching, which are accompanied by the appearance of a curdled white coating.

Thrush: how to treat at home

Of course, after the appearance of such troubleit is better to consult a doctor immediately for help. But if for some reason you can not visit the hospital in the near future, and the symptoms manifest themselves more and more, then the patient's condition is improved with the help of folk remedies.

treat thrush with soda
It is worth noting that you can treat thrush with sodanot only in adults, but also in young children. If your child has oral candidiasis, then in any case you need to see a doctor. But before his arrival, many moms are trying to alleviate the condition of the baby on their own. To do this in a glass of warm water (boiled) necessary to dissolve the dining room dessert spoon of soda, and then moisten it lightly bandage and treat them to the mouth of the child.

If the thrush in an adult woman, then to facilitate the condition, it is recommended to take warm baths (in the pelvis) with the same solution for 15-20 minutes several times a day.

Thrush: how to treat after visiting a doctor

After consulting a specialist, each patient receives the following (general) recommendations for the elimination of this disease:

  • minimize the factors that caused the appearance of candidiasis;
  • take antimycotic drugs (for example, Fluconazole, Terzhinan, Orungal, Pimafukort, etc.);
  • restore normal microflora of mucous membranes;
  • strengthen immunity;
  • to take local treatment (for example, ointments "Oksiconazol", "Clotrimazole", "Econazol", "Bifonazol", etc.);
  • observe the diet and personal hygiene.
    how many days to treat thrush

Of course, the first thing the doctor prescribes afterthe diagnosis is antimycotics, which are aimed at the complete destruction of the fungus. The most effective and popular drugs are the following: "Fluconazole", "Itrikonazol", "Ketoconazole". These funds are prescribed only in cases of severe illness. In this case, many patients are interested in the question of how many days to treat thrush. It is worth noting that the duration of the course of these drugs is calculated personally by the doctor, based on the severity of the disease, the age of the patient and his state of the body as a whole.

If the oral cavity of the child is affected before the age of 3,then he is prescribed a drop of "Natamycin", which should be lubricated with 0.5-1 ml of mucus for 10 days. For the same disease, children older than 3 years old, as well as adults, are prescribed "Clotrimazole".

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