In modern conditions, neurosonographynewborn is the most affordable and therefore in demand method of studying the brain of a small child. This study, based on the general principles of ultrasound studies of the human body, allows us to study the structure of the central nervous system. Nevertheless, one must remember that it is possible to conduct ultrasound of the brain only until the skull of the child completely ossified.

When neurosonography can be performed

Neurosonography of newborns canneed to be carried out even in the first hours after the appearance of the baby in the light. But in the vast majority of cases, this harmless research is done before discharge from the maternity hospital. When performing ultrasound, the anatomical structure of the central nervous system, the location and interrelation of individual parts of the brain, the level of intracranial pressure are evaluated.

It is impossible to overestimate the possibilities of this methodultrasound diagnosis in the examination of small patients who were born in complicated births or after pregnancy, which occurred with some kind of aggravating factors. Neurosonography of newborns is performed in all these cases. The norms to which the doctor who makes ultrasound will be oriented are relatively relative, but they help to identify children who need in-depth examination and constant observation of a neurologist and pediatrician.

It must be remembered that this diagnostic method canIt is used only in the first year of the child's life: in the absence of pathology, the child has complete closure of the fontanel fetuses by the end of this period. Ultrasound, which can not penetrate through the bones of the skull, will no longer be an assistant doctor in the study of the brain.

Neurosonography - is it harmful or not?

Neurosonography of neonates is performed todaypractically in any sufficiently equipped maternity hospital. To this category of medical institutions are almost all specialized institutions of obstetrics, as well as maternity wards and obstetric hospitals in large settlements. Modern apparatus for ultrasound of the brain do not have any side effect, including the radiation load on the organism of a small patient.

That is why, if dynamicobservation of a child neurosonography, the norms of which should be interpreted only by a qualified physician, can often be performed. The specialist should evaluate not only the picture on the screen of the monitor, but also the condition of the child, information about the patient, received from the parents or relatives. Neurosonography requires no preliminary training for the baby, you do not need to limit the intake of food, liquids or medications, and it does not matter whether the baby is sleeping or awake at the time of the ultrasound.

Neurosonography of newborns is carried out atthe help of the ultrasound device, which is equipped with a special sensor. It should be located on a large and small fontanel, lateral fontanelles or in the region of the large occipital foramen. When describing the results, the doctor indicates the state of the vascular plexuses of the brain, the meninges, makes a presumptive conclusion about the level of intracranial pressure and the dynamics of the cerebrospinal fluid.

Parents of the child should know that the head ultrasoundThe brain is a method of preliminary assessment of the state of the nervous system of a child, and if a child is suspected of any pathology or organic developmental disorder, the examination of the baby should be continued. For this, the doctor can recommend magnetic resonance imaging or computed tomography, angiography or other methods of research of the nervous system.

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