Recently become popularChinese tampons. Reviews of doctors and ordinary women suggest that this tool is quite effective in combating a number of gynecological diseases. Created such swabs of the dynasty of doctors. The fact is that when, due to the high birth rate in China, mass abortions began to be massed, the health of women has greatly worsened. There was a large number of inflammatory diseases. In search of a universal remedy for gynecological diseases, tampons consisting of various herbs with anti-viral, anti-inflammatory antibacterial and antifungal effects were created. The most famous are Clean Point tampons.

What diseases are treated with Chinese tampons

Chinese tampons reviewed by doctors

The doctors' testimonies indicate thatThe help of this remedy is treated with such diseases as vaginitis, endometritis, cervicitis, various menstrual disorders, inflammations, adnexitis, thrush, hemorrhoids, cystitis, urinary incontinence. As we see, a beneficial effect is not only on the reproductive organs.

What do tampons consist of?

The recipe itself was taken from sourcesmedicine, which is almost 5000 years old. Tampons consist of many components that are natural. Among them are the tanning acacia, the Bornean camphor, the lilac

Chinese tampons clean point
and other elements. These Chinese tampons have distinctive features. The doctors' testimonials confirm that, according to the clinical studies conducted, and there were more than 1000 of them, they are safe, non-toxic. They are made under sterile conditions, therefore they are reliable and safe for health.

How do Chinese tampons Clean Point

Even after the first application of one unitdrug effect is observed. They purify the uterus and vagina from accumulated bacteria, and remove inflammation. Each component has its own effect. For example, kushen - prevents the appearance of tumor processes, removes heat, kills bacteria. Xue-jie anesthetizes and heals bleeding wounds. The Borney camphor relieves inflammation and gives strength. Lilac allows you to correctly circulate

Chinese medical tampons reviews

Some features that you need to know when using Chinese tampons

The opinions of the doctors say that in order to achieve a quick effect it is necessary to adhere to certain rules:

  • The drug can not be taken by virgins, pregnant women, and also 7 days before the onset of menstruation, during and within 3 days after the end of menstruation.
  • Tampons are for external use only.
  • During treatment it is not recommended to have an active sexual life. In the event that it is not possible to violate this rule, then before the sexual act it is necessary to clear the vagina from the medical ball.
  • After three days of use, it is necessary to completely remove the tampon and douching with boiled water. The next tampon is inserted after 24 hours.
  • Depending on the disease, the duration of use of this remedy will vary.
  • As a preventive measure, Chinese therapeutic tampons are also used. The reviews allow you to specify that for this purpose, 1 or 2 units of this money are enough per month.
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