The woman's organism is rebuilt every time,when the menstrual period begins and ends. Days preceding menstruation can easily disrupt the microflora in the genitals. Microorganisms of the Candida family are always present in the human body. A small amount of these fungal bacteria is found in the colon, the oral cavity, and the vagina. Weakening of the body and immunity leads to the fact that they begin to rapidly multiply, causing itching and burning sensation in women.

A disease called candidiasis, canto arise not only because of weakened immunity. It can appear during menopause or pregnancy, after you have been treated with antibiotics or used contraceptive pills for a long time. Itching and burning in women can be signs not only of thrush, but also of diseases such as ureaplasmosis, chlamydia, trichomoniasis, gonorrhea, genital herpes and others. Thrush can provoke the appearance of these diseases. As you can see, the diagnosis of symptoms can only be determined after the necessary tests have been carried out.

Itching and burning sensation in women is not the only symptom of the disease
Allocations remaining on the laundry may be different, but most often they are white and curdled. What can cause thrush, what symptoms accompany the disease and when they are worse?

* When wearing synthetic clothes, itching and burning in women are worse.
* Sexual lips may swell.
Inflammation can spread to the anus area.

Symptoms that accompany the disease can benumerous, but can manifest only one of them, for example, pain when urinating. A milkmaid can be sick not only by women, but also by men. For men, the symptoms are:

* On the penis in the head area there is a white coating, redness. There is also pruritus and tingling, burning in the genital area.

* The odor of discharge is unpleasant, sourish.
Urination is painful.

In addition to thrush and other diseases, itching and burning of the labia may appear due to vulvitis. This disease is associated with inflammation of the vulva. Possible reasons:

* Dysbacteriosis of the vagina.
* Ignoring the rules of hygiene.
* Allocations associated with pathology.
* Allergy to synthetics or a certain kind of pads.
Irritation due to the use of intimate cosmetics.

Treatment of thrush and vulvitis
In the treatment of vulvitis, first of all,cause of the disease and only then they prescribe treatment. In addition to doctor's appointments, warm baths of herbs such as calendula, St. John's wort, chamomile, string and celandine can be used. Good itch and burning sensation in women warm soda solutions. It should be remembered that self-medication can temporarily eliminate symptoms, and the disease will be driven inside. It is best to establish the causes of the disease and undergo a test, especially if uncomfortable symptoms accompany itching and burning with urination, which can indicate the presence of other diseases.

Thrush can also be cured only in the outpatient clinic, according to prescriptions prescribed by the doctor. Folk remedies can accompany the basic treatment. The following procedures can be performed:

* Lubricate areas susceptible to the disease, various infusions, such as birch buds and poplar infusion; tincture of calendula. The same tinctures can do syringing.
* Douching from the herbs of herbs:
* Calendulae;
* grass spores, oak bark, nettle leaf, chamomile;
* Yarrow, rosemary, oak bark and sage.
* You can brew grass: eucalyptus, white nettle, wormwood, onion and garlic, burdock root.

We remind once again that all recipes are used only as additional funds, and the main treatment should still be appointed by a doctor.

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