Fusel oils are called a by-productfermentation. They are contained as an admixture in raw alcohol and have a very unpleasant characteristic odor. They represent an oily liquid, which can have a color from light yellow to reddish-brown. The main constituent of this substance is alcohols C3-C9, as well as aldehydes, furfunol and fatty acids.

fusel oils
Aldehydes and saturated alcohols appear in the process of metabolizing yeast amino acids. Fusel oils are present, for example, in beer, as well as in brew, in rather large quantities.

When making home-made drinks with highthe alcohol content of these impurities is quite acute. Distillation of moonshine is made using special equipment. Pre-prepared braga. Then it heats up to a high temperature. As a result, alcohol vapors begin to be released. Upon cooling, the latter condense and drain into a previously prepared container.

During distillation, it is very important to observe the heating mode. Light impurities contained in the brew start to boil at a temperature of about 68 degrees. Further, at a temperature in 78 aboutC, there is intense evaporation of ethyl alcohol. At the subsequent heating up to 85 aboutWith the original product, the unwanted fusel oils themselves begin to be released.

distillation of moonshine
Therefore, it is believed that the faster the heating occurs in the brewing apparatus, the more efficient its operation. When distilled at a temperature of up to 78 aboutC is obtained the so-called pervach, in whichcontains a lot of harmful light impurities. Take such a product inside, and also use it for external use, for example, in colognes or lotions, in any case not. When the initial product reaches a temperature of 78 aboutC. It is necessary to reduce the intensity of heating. Otherwise, there may be a blowout of the barge. With subsequent heating, the actual process of forcing out moonshine itself actually takes place.

At this stage, you must be extremely careful. First, care must be taken to ensure that the temperature of the barge does not rise above 83 aboutFROM. Otherwise, as already mentioned above, fusel oils will start to be released from it. Secondly, at this stage the evaporation of ethyl alcohol occurs, as a result of which its content in the brew gradually decreases.

purification of moonshine by moonshine
In the end, the original product will remainThe minimum amount that can be extracted only at a higher temperature. However, the quality of moonshine will drop dramatically, as it will increase the content of harmful substances such as fusel oils. Consequently, after reaching a temperature of 85 aboutYou have to stop the distillation. The amount of vapors of ether alcohol can be checked in a simple way. To do this, in the resulting moonshine, wet the paper and set it on fire. If it burns with a blue flame, there is still enough alcohol. If the paper does not light up, it means that its quantity is small. In this case, the process can be continued only for subsequent mixing with brag and re-distillation.

In the future, the resulting moonshine for removalThe oils that have fallen into it can be further purified. For this, a variety of methods can be used. The simplest is the purification of moonshine by potassium permanganate. To do this, it is first diluted in water. A liter of moonshine requires about 1-2 grams. The resulting solution is poured into the moonshine and left to stand for 10-12 hours. After clarification and precipitation, the liquid is filtered through a tissue.

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