Inflammation of the uterus is a serious problemthe body of a woman, often arising from disorders in the work of immunity. As a rule, the following symptoms of inflammation of the uterus: pain in the lower abdomen of completely different intensity, discomfort, depression. If you feel sharp pains, this indicates that the process is acute, and in this case it is possible to change the state of health for the worse, as well as a strong rise in temperature.

These symptoms of inflammation of the uterus,that if a woman is not given effective treatment during this period, the disease can become chronic. In this case, in the future, with a slight supercooling of the body, the vagina, the ovaries or the fallopian tubes can become highly inflamed. Disease of the uterus can lead to infertility, so do not delay with treatment, contact your gynecologist.

With inflammation of the abdominal membrane, the uterus canthere are symptoms such as nausea or even fever, because the disease can directly be associated with a cold. In this case, it is recommended to do syringing with warm water, diluted with chamomile infusion (consult a doctor beforehand if the procedure is performed at home).

There is also inflammation of the mucous membrane,which manifests itself in the form of yellowish discharge. If you do not go to the gynecologist in time, the inflammation can become purulent, and this will lead to many negative consequences. Inflammation of the mucous often occurs due to infections that enter the female body with gynecological operations (in which non-sterile instruments are involved) or with unprotected sex with the carrier of the disease. If yellow discharge with an unpleasant odor is found, syringing with a tannin solution is necessary, and it is also recommended to include asparagus in your diet, which is extremely useful for women.

If you have long been afraid to turn toto the doctor and still feel nojushchie pains in the bottom of a stomach or belly, it can testify already on a chronic inflammation. In any case, you need to pass tests for the detection of infections, because such pain can be caused by almost any venereal disease. Complex treatment of inflammation, including phytotherapy and gynecological massage, normalize your condition. Thus, if you have already noticed some symptoms of inflammation of the uterus - go to a good clinic for examination.

The cause of inflammatory disease of the uterus canalso the microorganism chlamydia trachomatis appears. If the disease is caused by this particular pathogen, then most likely it will be difficult to determine its symptoms. In addition, mycoplasma (a bacterium present in the microflora of the female vagina) or other bacteria can provoke an inflammatory disease.

Often, inflammation manifests itself after severalday, and in most cases can follow women's complaints about frequent discharge from the genital tract, severe pains during sexual intercourse, bleeding outside the menstrual cycle, menstruation, as well as malaise and chills.

Symptoms of inflammation of the uterus can bediverse, so it's worth watching your condition with any changes in the body. It should also be examined: ultrasound, laparoscopy and pass tests to determine the pathogen.

If you suspect that you have an inflammation of the uterus,You can try the treatment with folk remedies the next day, but do not forget about the doctor's visit, and about those medications that he will prescribe for you. Competent treatment will help quickly get out of a painful condition.

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