Whiskey - it's pretty strong, but at the same timenoble and expensive alcoholic beverage. But if you use it not as you need, the impression will be ruined completely and irrevocably. And how correctly drink whiskey? Let's figure this out!

how correctly they drink whiskey

The atmosphere is important

It is believed that alcohol is the lot of large andcheerful companies, but not in this case. How correctly drink whiskey? It is better to be alone in order to be able to think, dream and something to analyze. In extreme cases, you can call your best friend (or girlfriend). Light is better muted, not disturbed by easy and quiet music. Nothing should be distracting or annoying.

with which it is better to drink whiskey

Choosing glasses

If you are interested in how correctly they drink whiskey, thenyou should understand for yourself that the notorious low glasses with a thick bottom - not the best option, because the taste in this case will not be enjoyed. Needed glasses on legs with thin walls and better - slightly narrowed upward. Then you can feel the aroma and delicate taste. No straws are needed - it's just superfluous! By the way, glasses should be filled by about a third, not more.

How to drink and what to eat?

What is better to drink whiskey? In fact, it's not so important, it all depends on personal taste preferences. Some people prefer to combine this drink with fruits, others choose meat or fish dishes, while others eat light salads. But experts recommend taking food only 15-20 minutes after you empty the glass, so that the warmth of the drink spreads through the body, and the taste is fixed in the memory.

The temperature is important. Such a drink is not drunk cold, so all the gustatory qualities are lost (so you do not need to add ice). But also this alcohol can not be used warm, otherwise the smell of alcohol will strike the nose. The optimum temperature is 15-18 degrees.

Many do not know how correctly they drink whiskey anddrink everything in one gulp. But this is not true, because the taste is simply lost. Therefore, drink in small sips, slowly. Drive the drink in the mouth, pound it under the tongue (that's where the true taste will be felt). And the most important thing is not to hurry.

how to drink scotch whiskey

Scottish ritual

How to drink Scotch whiskey? Like any other, but there is a special ritual that is based on the rule 5S: 1 - sight, 2 - smell, 3 - swish, 4 - splash and 5 - swallow. The first word means "look". You need to evaluate the color of the drink. The second word is translated as "sniff." Enjoy the aroma of the drink, inhale it, let it pour all over the body. The third word means "to savor". Do not swallow all the sight, taste. The fourth word is "splashing water". Yes, some types of whiskey are very strong, so without water it will not work. And the last, the fifth, the word is translated as "swallow". You need to do this gradually, in small sips.

Some drink whiskey with cola or juice, but thisis no longer a real noble drink, but only a cocktail that will not allow us to appreciate all the qualities of whiskey, but will reveal only a part of the taste and aroma. Only compliance with certain rules allows you to get true pleasure.

Now you know how to drink whiskey, to feel the whole set of qualities of this drink and fully enjoy it.

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