In the world there are more than a thousand varieties of whiskey, among them the Scottish whiskey Grants is very popular - one of the most dynamically developing world brands.

The family company William Grant's & Sons waswas founded in 1887 by the famous distiller William Grant, who became the first master blender of his own brand. The first bottle of blended whiskey Grants appeared in 1989, two decades later the products of the Scottish company were sold in 30 countries. The tradition of making whiskey is preserved by the fifth generation of the family, and the drink itself is famous on all continents.

How to create a unique taste of Grant's whiskey. Key Features

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Since 1963, Grants whiskey has been producingfactory Girvan (Girvan), built on the initiative of Charles Gordon, the great-grandson of the founder of the company. The plant is located near a natural spring, famous for its exceptional water quality. Manufacture of whiskey begins with the process of sublimation of alcohols. Very light alcohol Girvan is the basis of Grant's drinks, it is purchased for its blends and other manufacturers of whiskey.

The key figure in the production is the masterblending. For long 35 years, David Stewart occupied this position in the Glenfiddich distillery, and now Brian Kinsman, a student of Stewart, who has mastered the craft alongside one of the most respected and respected experts, is responsible for preserving and developing the traditions laid down in the 19th century. His task is to ensure that Grants whiskey, whose admirers' reviews are invariably enthusiastic, always had the same quality and taste, no different from what was delivered to the market last year or put in the next.

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Master blender is the author of a blend of whiskey. It is he who selects spirits produced in different regions of Scotland, and creates a bouquet that gets to the buyer as the final product.

Each single-malt (produced on onedistillery) and cereal whiskey has a characteristic only to it aroma and unique shades of taste. About thirty varieties of malt whiskey create a rich and complex taste of Grant's. Whiskey is mixed and aged in special oak barrels for a strictly defined number of years. The aging period depends on the variety and is not less than 12 years.

Cereal and malt varieties of Whiskey Grantsstand in barrels from the Spanish sherry and American whiskey. The material for the barrels is American white oak (Quercus alba) and petiole oak (Querus robur), which is harvested in the Spanish provinces of Galicia, Cantabria and Asturias. For several years, the whiskey that has entered the blend "fuses", acquires a unique aroma with characteristic fruity hints and sweet notes of vanilla.

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On Grants whiskey price in some cases isunpredictable. If the cost of products intended for retail sale fluctuates within reasonable limits, then for some collectible bottles, they pay considerable money. For example, at auction Bonhams in December 2011 for a single antique bottle Grant's Stand Fast paid 375 pounds sterling. Later, one of the eleven bottles, dedicated to the 110th anniversary of William Grant's granddaughter, was sold for a record 96 thousand dollars.

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