Whiskey, being an elite alcoholic beverage,who came to us from Scotland, has a unique taste and aroma, as they prepare it from various types of grain, using several methods of processing them. First it is malted, then distilled and kept for a long time in oak barrels. It should be noted that this drink contains a large amount of alcohol (40% -50%), so you need to know how to drink whiskey.

To a whiskey it is accepted to serve a glass of water, asEach mixes with her this alcohol in the usual proportions for him. In many countries, this drink is consumed with coffee or tea, adding cream to them. Also it is drunk with mint or coffee cocktails (in the case when the exposure is small).

Scots are confident that the quality and taste of whiskey depends on the season, while the best is the drink produced in the winter. There are several varieties of this drink:

  1. Single malt whiskey - has an original flavor, as the grain for it is smoked on peat smoke.
  2. Pure-malt is a mixture of different single malt whiskeys, most often it becomes a collection.
  3. Mixed - it includes 50 varieties of Scotch, it is the most common of all varieties of whiskey.

Consider how to drink whiskey properly in more detail.

This will require whiskey, water, ice and glasses. Alcoholic beverage is diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 2 or 1: 3 or ice cubes. In the latter case, the drink will be called "on the rocks", but here it should be borne in mind that the whiskey flavor will be disturbed, since the flavors contained in it and carry the aroma evaporate on cooling, so the drink will become somewhat "boring". That's why whiskey is not stored in the refrigerator, but left in a vessel at room temperature. If it is diluted with water, it must be taken into account that the water must be soft and of high quality only, without carbon dioxide.

He is drunk, slowly, and in small sips (by no means a volley) to be able to feel his unique taste and pleasant aroma.

Single malt whiskey, scotch is consumed in its pure form, without diluting, warming or cooling to room temperature. Such a drink should be at a strength of no more than 54%.

It should be said that they serve the beverage for game,smoked fish or oysters. It does not really matter what kind of glass it will be served in, the main thing here is for the glass to be transparent and cylindrical, as the Scots believe that such dishes will perfectly emphasize all the advantages of whiskey.

Before you drink whiskey, you can mix it with other kinds of drinks, then you get a mixture with a rather original and original taste. In such cocktails most often use Canadian alcohol.

Thus, whiskey is the drink whereit is the taste that is appreciated, which becomes softer and deeper, depending on the aging of the drink, because only with time it is freed from the taste of alcohol, but does not lose its strength. It is interesting that when tasting Scotch whiskey, you can catch smells of wood, red apples, herbs, honey and spices.

Considering what you can drink whiskey, it should be noted that it can be used, diluted with ice, water or other kinds of drinks, except Coca-Cola.

Unfortunately, in our country this alcoholicdrink little is known, so many people have no idea how to drink whiskey correctly and how it happens. It must be said that this drink, as well as the cigar, does not like rushing, so do not drink it in one gulp, it is best to enjoy the excellent taste and aroma, making small sips. In any case, each will appreciate this elite alcoholic beverage, which attracts with its refinement and weight of merits.

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