There is an opinion that whiskey is a drink of aristocrats andtrue gentlemen, invariably associated with a luxurious lifestyle. But how surprised admirers of glamor, if they suddenly realized that even the most expensive scotch is an ordinary Scottish moonshine and in its homeland this drink is equated with the potion of hard workers. The fashion for classic whiskey and soda was grafted onto Russians, most likely by American serials.

The Most Expensive Whiskey

How correctly to use expensive whiskey?

There is a lot of disagreement about howit is necessary to drink the most expensive whiskey. Still, this is not beer, I want to shit correctly and in a big way. Surprisingly, the famous cocktail with soda gourmets consider mockery flavor beverage range. Properly taste this kind of alcohol is necessary only in a pure form, pouring on the bottom of the toggle switch just 10-20 grams. Experts advise to drip a few drops on the wrist or palm and rub like perfume. It's a dubious pleasure to use such an aphrodisiac on a date or at the office.

But the Scots themselves recommend to dilutestrong scotch water (preferably spring water). A pier, the revolutions of the fortress, so mercilessly drowning the work of the taste buds, are so knocked down. Well, maybe we should also heat chocolate with butter, so that it would not be so sweet?

While ingenious Irishmen offer the world whiskey withcoffee, true to their traditions, the inhabitants of the Celestial Empire recommend diluting the scotch with green tea. They say that Queen Victoria also played such a tea, so she lived a long life like a biblical prophet.

The most expensive whiskey in the world

The most expensive whiskey in the history of mankind

According to the law of the Scottish masters, goodThe original scotch is made from barley malt and is called single malt. The most expensive whiskey is prepared without the addition of other varieties, the only distilling company. Therefore, the tradition of production of this drink is highly valued all over the world. How high?

So far, the most expensive of the "mass" (if possibleso to say) whiskey is a "veteran" Macallan 1947, aged in barrels, and then bottled in 1962. There was an event in Italy. According to legend, barley was dried on a peat basis in times of shortage of the Second World War, which, however, brought him the fame of a "smoked diamond".

The most expensive whiskey

Not bad, in general, a gift for connoisseursChivas Regal will be a bottle in a chest on a satin cushion from the Royal Salute collection, issued specially for the day of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. In total there are 255 such bottles in the world, it is reliably known where 10 are located, that the price for each of them exceeded 10 thousand dollars.

This cost will seem simply a fairy tale for that,who bought the most expensive whiskey - 64-year-old Macallan in a crystal decanter from the world's manufacturer Lalique. Such a present cost $ 460,000 - it's like buying a small villa on the Cote d'Azur.

But this is not the most expensive whiskey in the world. Outdo all decided again, the British, to whom the glory of the northern brethren does not give peace. Isabella's Islay will pull about 6.2 million dollars, and the amount will go to buy bottles of white gold with inserts of crystal, with an incrustation of 8,500 diamonds and 300 rubies. This decanter simply needs to be refilled every night.

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