Luxurious blended whiskey Cattos - strongalcoholic drink from the famous Swedish manufacturer. The founder of the preparation of this whiskey was James Catto, who managed to give the drink an exquisite saturation. Now Catto's is a world-famous brand, known in every country.


Whiskey Cattos is produced by distillationgrain wort. Malt based on barley, wheat and rye is poured on oak barrels. Then comes a period of long maturation, when every single malt for many years reaches the required quality. And only after the company's specialists consider the malt sufficiently ripe and mature, it will be considered worthy to become part of a great drink - whiskey Cattos. The photo below shows the exquisite style of the trademark.

whiskey cattos
Today, the line of silky-soft beverage of this brand is represented by three types - Catto's 25 YO, Catto's Rare Old Scottish and Catto's Deluxe.

Collection whiskey

This year is a jubilee year for the company. In honor of the 150th anniversary of the Scottish blended whiskey, a limited gift package of the original decorated drink was produced. Fresh and sensual, it is good for real men and creates a harmonious alliance with exquisite packaging. A stylish label, confirming the quality, is decorated with images of diplomas and medals, which the company was awarded for many years of dedication to making an upscale drink. All this luxury is packed in elegant black boxes with gold embossing. A real whiskey Cattos for an aristocrat!

The taste of this whiskey

whiskey cattos pictures
It is delicate, seasoned, golden ambera drink with a balanced and unusually pleasant aroma of a mixture of fruits, honey, coconut and sweet vanilla. Juicy cereal colors are assembled and softened remotely flowing sweet notes. Honey taste gently mixes light oak tartness and aromas of spices. This is not perfection, worthy of tasting!

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