To date, whiskey "Bell's" is the mostpopular drink in the UK. In our market, this product only begins to appear, but, nevertheless, has already managed to gain popularity and recognition. After all, to prepare this drink, several different types of whiskey are used, each of which has at least five years of aging.

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Whiskey «Bell's"And its history

The history of this refined drink began in1825 year. It was then that Thomas Sanderman opened a wine store in a small port town of Perth. And in about 1851 he was joined by Arthur Bell, who became an indispensable partner and an excellent leader.

It was Bell who first assessed all the virtuesblending this traditional Scottish beverage. He quite rightly believed that if you mix together several excellent varieties of whiskey, you can get a drink with a much more pleasant taste.

The works of Arthur Bell did not go unnoticed. And two years later his firm became the official producer of mixed beverage varieties. And in the 80s whiskey gained almost universal popularity. Later, the company's management moved to Arthur's sons, who until the last offered to give the brand the name Bell. However, whiskey "Bells" appeared only in 1904, after the death of Arthur Bell.

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In the future, beverages of this brand were allmore popular. Sons of Bella opened branches almost all over the world. The branches appeared in the cities of Italy, New Zealand, India, France, Australia and North America. Whiskey "Bell's" became the most popular drink in Scotland, and then throughout the UK.

Indeed, Bell's differs from other brands not only with exquisite taste, but also with a very favorable price. And the quality of the drink in no way inferior to more expensive varieties.

How to make whiskey "Bell's"?"

As already mentioned, whiskey from the company "Bell's"is a blended beverage. For its preparation use about thirty five varieties of different single malt Scotch, which are produced in different parts of Scotland. Of course, the company produces several varieties of whiskey, each of which stands out with a unique taste and smell. There is only one condition - every single malt must be aged by all rules for at least five years. This fact testifies to the really good quality of Bell's drinks.

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Whiskey has a pleasant, golden ambercolor and no less attractive smell. True connoisseurs feel here the tastes of spices, wood and nut oil, and sometimes apples, honey and almonds. And the aftertaste gives the feeling of a haze of fruit pie.

True connoisseurs of whiskey drink it in a clean,undiluted form. But the drink can also be diluted with soda or add ice cubes to it. "Bells" - whiskey, which is often used to make delicious fine cocktails.

And although this brand is not so long ago appeared onshelves of our stores, it has already acquired a lot of admirers. After all, whiskey from Bell is famous not only for its excellent taste qualities, but also for its relatively affordable price.

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