Cocktails have recently enjoyed a greatpopularity, especially among those who do not like to drink alcohol in its pure form. There are also, of course, and non-alcoholic cocktails, also very tasty and unusual. This article is about how to make cocktails with whiskey. But before the recipes are given, you need to get acquainted with whiskey and find out why this particular alcoholic drink is used to make cocktails.

A few words about this alcohol

Whiskey is an alcoholic beverage,whose strength is not less than 40C. It is believed that his homeland is Scotland, although his right to the title of ancestor still upholds Ireland. Prepare it from barley, which is first sprouted and fumigated with peat smoke, and then fermented. Next is the process of forcing, which includes a double installation, due to which the alcoholic drink and receive a large fortress, up to 70 C. This work is unfinished, as a ready-made real whiskey will be able to try only after a few years. During this period, and it can last from 3 to 20 years, when the product will withstand in oak barrels, which previously contained the Spanish sherry (bourbon). Whiskey, made from barley, is called "malt", and there is also a grain. For its preparation use wheat (somewhere 50%), and also barley or corn.

Whiskey-based cocktails

By itself, this kind of alcohole is not very pleasant ontaste, so it can not drink it all. But cocktails from whiskey - another matter. And it's nice to drink, and alcohol is practically not felt. True, there are products with which you can not mix this alcoholic beverage. For example, a whiskey cocktail with a cola is not recommended to cook because the latter completely kills the taste of alcohol, due to which the cocktail becomes tasteless. But to drink this alcohol with apple juice is considered the most delicious. Do not recommend in cocktails with whiskey to add even ice, it also dulls the taste sensations.

To date, there is such a hugethe number of recipes for cocktails based on this alcoholic beverage, that it is not so easy to try them all. True, and the need for this is not great, it is sufficient to be able to cook at home at least one cocktail, which is most like it.

Cocktails with whiskey, recipes

  1. It will take: 20 ml of whiskey, 1 dessert spoon of sugar, 1 yolk, champagne. Beat whiskey, sugar and yolk in a blender. The mixture is poured into a glass, in which you can also add a little champagne.
  2. It will take: 40 ml of whiskey, 2-3 drops of Angostura, 20 ml of red vermouth, a cocktail cherry and several ice floes. All components shake vigorously in a shaker, pour into a glass, put cherry on top.
  3. It will take: 50 ml of whiskey, 2 tsp of sugar syrup, 20 ml of lemon juice, 1 egg white. Mix in a shaker with a little bit of grated ice, pour into a glass for cocktails.
  4. It will take: 25 ml of Bourbon whiskey and Grand Carrie liquor, the Carrie seasoning on the tip of the knife. Put a seasoning on the bottom of a small glass. Pour first whiskey, and then liquor.
  5. It will take: 90 ml of whiskey, 30 ml of vermouth dry, 15 ml of cherry liqueur. Ingredients together with ice mixed in a shaker, strain into a glass.
  6. You will need: 150 ml of whiskey "Scotch", 1 teaspoon of granulated sugar, 200 ml of milk. Stir sugar in milk, add whiskey. Pour out the glasses.
  7. It will take: 30 ml of Irish whiskey, 10 ml of lemon juice and lemon syrup, 1 egg white, to decorate 1 circle of lemon. Fill all ingredients in the shaker, shake well and pour into cocktail glasses.
  8. You will need: 30 ml of whiskey, 10 ml of lemon juice, 20 ml of honey liqueur. Pour all ingredients into the shaker, beat well and pour into glasses.
  9. It will take: 50 ml of whiskey, 150 ml of apple juice, 200 g of ice. Fill all the ingredients in the shaker and shake well. Pour the contents into a glass for cocktails, decorate with a slice of a green apple with cinnamon.
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