Probably, once each of us, even the mostan avid teetotaler, will ask, and what kind of national treasure is this - Scotch single malt whiskey? And if it is so good (at least so specific), then what should it be used for? After all, there are rules for disclosing a bouquet of each alcoholic beverage. As for whiskey, here amateurs adhere to a whole set of recommendations. And it turns out that cocktails based on amber moonshine - a complete outrage over the culture of its use.

Single malt whiskey

What is single malt whiskey?

Single malt is called a drink produced onone distillery - that is, literally, on one malt. The English name is "single mole". For example, it is obtained by mixing whiskeys of different aging years, but certainly not of different sorts. In general, it is believed that this is a drink of harsh men, since the taste of it in the original is perhaps too harsh. Therefore, the tradition has gone - to interfere with single malt whiskey with water, with ice or with soda, or add other, softer varieties.

The concept of producing the originalresumed in the sixties by such brands as The Glenlivet, Glenfiddich, Macallan, Glen Grant, Glenmorangie. It is them in the modern market rightfully considered the producers of this Scottish moonshine. But some giants appeared even earlier: a single-malt whiskey brand Orkney Islands was put on stream production in the beginning of the XVIII century and at first was considered a favorite drink of the robbers, and then the courtiers.

Whiskey Single Malt

How correctly to use single malt whiskey?

Now let's talk about some rules, respectingwhich, you can appreciate the bouquet of the purchased bottle. So, first, we'll choose the right brand: ask the consultant about the taste qualities - is it not too bitter, is there any sharpness in the aftertaste? The indicator can be one - a high price. Alas, ah, whiskey - this is not the kind of drink that you save.

Moreover, to drink single malt whiskey so,as English gentlemen do, you need to choose the right glass. You can drink it from the tumbler with ice, but for this type of alcohol there are special glasses, tulip-shaped or bulbous. To get a couple of these in your sideboard will not be superfluous.

Single malt whiskey

In one serving should be no more than 50-60 ml, for this and calculated the volume of the glass. Why? It does not allow the top notes of taste to evaporate with air. Whiskey single malt is used in two or three throats.

Before you sip, do a fewcircular movements, so that the drink drips from the sides of the glass - so "the soul" of whiskey, its delicate aroma, is liberated. Of course, breathe it and feel the charm of the old recipe. Experts even suggest putting a few drops of whiskey on your wrist, so that the bouquet opens up better. After the first sip, stop: take a breath and exhale, feel the hot heat pouring out. This is how you should use real alcohol.

And one more tip: if the taste is still too harsh, and you want to dilute whiskey with water, you need to observe the proportions. The maximum permissible is the ratio of 30/70, where a large percentage should still retain the whiskey.

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