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Whiskey - a strong drink with alcohol content from40 to 80% by volume. Produced from grain (wheat, barley, rye, corn). Currently, it is one of the most popular spirits worldwide. The native land is Scotland and Ireland, however, these two countries are still trying to defend their primacy. At present, Canadian, American, Australian and Japanese samples are produced. Initially, whiskey was produced in monasteries and was used as a medicine. Since the XVI century, the drink has become popular among the common people and the nobility of Ireland and Scotland. The first written mention of whiskey was found in 1494. It was believed that whiskey slowed down aging and even rejuvenated, helped digestion and had many other healing properties. In 1830 production of this alcoholic beverage sharplyincreased due to the improvement of the distillation apparatus, which led to an even greater increase in its popularity. Distinguish between malt, grain and mixed whiskey.

How to drink whiskey

How to drink whiskey? The answer is quite simple - you should drink whiskey with pleasure! And that means to escape from the worries of everyday life, forget about the problems and plans to experience this moment, looking at the amber liquid in your glass, breathing in her multi-faceted fragrance, savoring every mouthful, and capturing notes of tart aftertaste. There are, of course, the classic rules that answer the question "how to drink whiskey?", Which discussed below, however, you and only you define for yourself exactly how and exactly what you like to drink it, and create their own rules . Do you want to add ice or water? You are welcome! Would you like to mix it with cola? Why not?! Want to drink warm? If this is the taste that you want to feel - forward!

Drink it is accepted to drink from wide glasses with a thick bottom.

Now a little about the classic version of the answer tothe question "how correctly to drink whiskey?". In Scotland - the homeland of the drink - it is drunk with nothing without mixing, i.e. in its pure form. In the US - most often with ice. Pour into a glass of whiskey advised not very wide neck so that flavor is not fading away, warm the glass in your hands, feel the flavor of the drink, admire its color, take a sip, savor, swallow, and enjoy a long aftertaste. It is desirable to be in a relaxed and contemplative mood away from the bustle, in a room without foreign smells or outdoors, alone or with loved ones, not to distract you from such a pleasant and intimate process.

How to drink whiskey with cola

In our fast time, the love of mixing tastes andexperiments are ineradicable, so it is not surprising that two such popular drinks found each other. How to drink whiskey with cola? In order to get the full picture you need to take cola and whiskey in a 3: 1 ratio, ice and lime (a few lobules). Take a large glass and fill it with ice, pour into it drinks, add lime. Simple and fast. If you want stronger - change the proportions, increase the portion of alcohol (1: 1). You can stretch the pleasure by sipping a drink through a straw. A cheerful and relaxed atmosphere is ensured.

With what drink whiskey

As already mentioned above, there are many options. Here are some of the most common.

  1. In whiskey, you can simply add water, the drink should be at room temperature - for the fullness of the fragrance.
  2. Whiskey with ice, or with spring or thawed water (very cold).
  3. Pour it into black hot tea, add honey and lemon.
  4. Mix this strong liquor with hot coffee.
  5. You can add whiskey to a cold green tea with ice.
  6. Beer and whiskey in different glasses. Drink alternately.

And the last - do not rush to eat. Pour the drink into a large faceted glass, admire, enjoy the taste, because the main thing is the process, get the maximum pleasure from it.

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