Fans and connoisseurs of Scotch whiskey are verya lot of. In the whole world there are not more than a dozen companies that offer their consumers a really high-quality drink. The Old Smuggler brand is one of those.

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One of the oldest brands

The firm that produces the Old Smuggler whiskey is consideredone of the oldest world brands. The history of the company goes back to the distant 1835, when the Stuart brothers invented this sort of scotch. If to translate the name, then from the Scottish language it will mean "old smuggler". The name was invented not in vain, because to produce, transport and sell a drink in those days was a very difficult and dangerous business. Traders were considered smugglers, they risked both their freedom and their lives.

The Stuart brothers not only came up with how safeto deliver the best-loved Scotch whiskey, but also invented a production technology that no one has used before. It was they who invented to use barrels for storing sherry for several years.

At present, the brand of Old Smuggler is known forthe whole world. In more than twenty countries it can be found in shops or specialized wine shops. For example, in the United States, Old Smuggler whiskey ranks seventh in popularity among all alcoholic beverages. It would seem surprising that among dozens of brands patriotic Americans have chosen this particular one. The answer is simple. Americans just got used to it from a long time. In times of dry law, it was this variety that was affordable. He was brought in secret, smuggled, thereby fully justifying the name of the drink.

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Flawless taste

The main advantage of whiskey is OldSmuggler, it is considered its optimal value for money. The quality component of the product is not lost in the background of a democratic and affordable price. This drink is very fond of connoisseurs who prefer young drinks, a taste of grain whiskey, a pleasant fortress.

Old Smuggler has a surprisingly pleasantaromatic bouquet, soft taste. The color is amber-golden. The aroma is light, vanilla is heard and a light shade of smoke. Initially, notes of biscuit biscuits differ, then - caramel and honey. "The old smuggler" has a pleasant tart aftertaste. In it you can distinguish notes of oak bark and tart spices.

The alcohol content in the beverage is 40%. The period of aging in beverages admitted for sale is at least 3 years. Manufacturers say that the most convenient volume of Old Smuggler whiskey is 0.7 liters. The variety refers to the blended type. The average price is from 1200 rubles per bottle.

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Clean or diluted?

The Old Smuggler whiskey includes maltwhiskey perennial aging (at least three years) and alcohols based on wheat and corn. Experts say that malt whiskey is better to drink not diluted. The glass should be held in your hand for a bit, so that the warmth of your body warms the drink. So he completely reveals his aromatic bouquet.

True Scots, on the contrary, preferdilute the scotch tape. And they do not accept anything other than water. The water should ideally be taken from the same source from which it was taken during production. You can use water thawed or purified through the filter. Water quality is very important. The liquid flowing from the tap can completely ruin the taste of quality Scotch whiskey.

There are several other options.

  • In the world, a lot of whiskey lovers with cola. Often this version of the drink is called "purely American." With what, no matter how famous the American cola, use it?
  • Whiskey with ice - this combination was also invented by the Americans. However, experts believe that the ice has a negative effect on the taste of the drink and it should not be added categorically.
  • Whiskey with tea. This option is preferred by true Englishmen. Traditional English tea drinking is known all over the world. Inhabitants of the Great Britain long since in green tea with milk added some drops of a strong drink.
  • But the Irish prefer to dilute itstrong black coffee. Even doctors in this country are advised to use coffee with whiskey. It is believed that the drink strengthens the immune system, cardiac muscle, adds tone and allows you to charge the body with vigor and energy.
  • Another option could come up with the Russians, butIt was invented by the inhabitants of Scotland. Whiskey with beer - a rattling mixture or a fragrant bouquet? The Scots claim that it is the beer that allows the scotch to really open up.

How to drink and how to dilute whiskey? According to experienced connoisseurs, the answer will directly depend on the quality of the drink. It is recommended to use an expensive scotch in its pure form, without interfering with or spoiling the true taste of the drink.

Summarizing, we can say that among connoisseurs,tried the taste of Old Smuggler whiskey, the reviews converge in one: it's a real whiskey from Scotland. Buyers say that the drink is pleasant to the taste and has a fragrant bouquet and a pleasant aftertaste. To drink such a whiskey is better in a pleasant company or in proud solitude, on a cozy sofa with a newspaper or a cigar in hand.

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