Good alcohol is not a real pleasure.only for true connoisseurs, but also for the most ordinary people. How to make a right choice? In favor of what drink? How not to make a mistake and not buy low-quality products?

What is the best whiskey? This question is difficult to answer, especially if you do not understand this drink. True whiskey fans will answer you right away, but everyone has their own taste and what's good for one, bad for another. Some recognize only Scotch whiskey, others - Irish, the third - whiskey from the United States. There is a huge amount of varieties of this drink, it is impossible to study each one. So what whiskey is better, let's try to figure it out.

Which whiskey is good? Any, the main thing is not to abuse. An interesting fact is that a whiskey drink has useful properties, and even helps the human body. It tones up, invigorates, increases efficiency and creative development. To such conclusions came not only his admirers, but also many doctors. This drink has a complex composition, including a variety of essential oils, tannins, solid cultures. All these substances with moderate consumption help the body, and when excessive - do harm.

There are three main scientific varieties. These include single malt, malt, blended whiskey.

If you ask a question, of these kinds of whiskey is good, then you can answer that single malt.

So, considering the question of what kind of whiskey is good,we note that such whiskey is produced by the leading producers, famous all over the world, for example, the Scottish ones. Malt whiskey can not be taken away, many prefer this kind of drink. The single-mal method has one important nuance: during the mixing of the distillates, the structure of the essential oils is deformed. Blended mode of production is the worst and not popular. In the production of blended whiskey, the finished varieties of this drink are mixed, the taste and aroma are lost. Usually such whiskey is much cheaper, so manufacturers do not particularly worry about its taste, selling often just the name of the drink.

Which whiskey is good among single malts? In this variety, you can note such brands as Caol Ila, which has a kind of smoked flavor, Bushmills Malt, originally from Ireland, which has an original creamy hue. If you do not have enough money, but still you do not want to refuse to enjoy a whiskey, choose a mixed variety. Look at the Irish brands Tullamore Dew and Jameson, the Scottish brand Chivas Regal. Such whiskey will help to enjoy the evening, its taste is decent and original.

Now let's talk about how to choose and buywhiskey. To buy, choose good stores, where there are departments with elite drinks. If the whiskey is among the cheap alcoholic beverages, it is likely a surrogate. Carefully study the bottle. If the price tag says that whiskey, for example, Scotch or Irish, then, accordingly, it must be produced in these countries. American whiskey is called bourbon, when you see a bottle with this name, check that the country must be the producer of the US.

If you are not a fan of whiskey, but want to doa gift to a boss or a friend, then find out which variety they prefer: grain, single malt, blended, pure. The most expensive will be single malts. Learn also your favorite country of the manufacturer. In addition to the gift, you can buy special glasses for whiskey. They have a classic convex shape, but can be decorated or complemented with a decor.

Whiskey is an elite drink. Feel his true taste, you can only sip it with small sips from a special glass, in a good company and a pleasant atmosphere. Buy only quality whiskey and enjoy its incredible taste.

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