Well-known throughout the world, the liqueur Baileys in ourthe country is only gaining popularity. Despite the fact that it has been produced for several decades and has a multimillion number of admirers, we still do not all know how to drink Bailey properly.

With what they drink Baylez
A bit of history

His homeland is far Ireland. It was created in 1974 and gave rise to a new category of drinks - creamy liqueurs. Since 1975, rapidly appearing in the world market, he, despite the tough competition, confidently holds the palm of success in sales among beverages of this type. More than in 170 countries, about 50 million bottles are sold annually.

Until now, this unique product is producedwhere it was created - at the Nangon House plant in the suburb of Dublin. Its name is associated with a small pub Bailey Pub - that's where they know perfectly well what they drink with. The secret of making a drink with a fortress of 17% is kept in the strictest secrecy. The newest equipment, strict control over the quality of products and the original recipe together provide an excellent result.

Secrets of taste

Bailey with what to drink

In order to understand what isLiquor Bailey, with what to drink it and how to do it right, you need to know what it is made of. The secret of the excellent taste of the drink is the use of only natural ingredients: a select Irish whiskey triple distillation and fresh Irish cream. Depending on the added aromatic additives, the liqueur is of several varieties:

  • standard creamy without additives;
  • with caramel;
  • with mint and chocolate;
  • with coffee.

Despite the fact that the production of the drink is notpreservatives are used, it has a very long shelf life - 18 months. Due to the fact that the cream is mixed with alcohol, they do not spoil during this time.

How to drink Baileys right?
With what they drink Baylez

You can drink a drink not only in pureform, but also add it to a variety of cocktails or coffee. Liqueur is a digestive, and therefore it is accepted to serve after the end of the meal. Drink will be a wonderful addition to dessert, especially if it is served ice cream or coffee.

It is served in liqueur glasses - smallvolume of a glass on the leg, expanding upward. Sometimes it is added with ice or sprinkled with grated chocolate. It has become fashionable to offer coffee instead of cream Baley, especially at informal events. In this case, it should be remembered that the liquor is quite sweet, and sugar should not be put in coffee.

With what are they drinking Bailey yet? It fits well with tiramisu or with any other coffee-cream dessert. You can serve light beverage, marshmallow, cottage cheese soufflé. Also suitable are bananas and strawberries.

Liquor can be drunk as a part of cocktails, combining strong drinks, milk, cream, cold coffee. Do not dilute it with carbonated drinks, tonic or juice to avoid curdling the cream.

Unique aroma, impeccable creamy taste andA gentle consistency is the basis for the success of liquor. Due to the wide variety of what they drink with Bayliz, and the ability to add it to various cocktails, liquor is indispensable in any situation.

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