Absinthe became a symbol of the Parisian luxury life,bohemians and elite among writers and artists. At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries this drink became firmly associated with Moulin Rouge, artists, poets and writers who used it uncontrollably to inspire new images in art. They certainly could tell us today how to correctly drink absinthe. His admirers were Ernest Hemingway, Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, and Van Gogh, according to biographers, it was under the influence of the "green fairy" cut off his ear.

Modern absinthe, which can be seen onshops, unfortunately, or, fortunately, has almost nothing to do with a famous drink. At the moment it is a tasty and fragrant tincture on a mixture of herbs. A real absinthe, in addition to the fortress in the 70-80 degrees, also had a narcotic effect. This was achieved due to one of the components - thujone contained in wormwood. How to drink absinthe right now?

There are different ways of using it. For example, the so-called crystal Czech way suggests pouring pure absinthe in a glass, ignited, and after burning, drink in one gulp.

how correctly they drink absinthe
How correctly to drink absinthe in France? Put a cube of sugar in a special spoon, put it over a glass with a drink, and then pour ice through the sugar through the sugar. The resulting syrup is mixed with alcohol, and this cocktail is ready for use.

There are also rules for how to drink absinthe with"Sprite". This method is called a "parachute". The principle of preparation of a drink is similar to the use of sambuki. A sprite is poured into the glass. 50 milliliters of absinthe in the cognac is placed sideways on the glass and ignited. Burning liquid should be scrolled in a glass and pour into the "Sprite", then tightly cover the glass with brandy. In the tank formed smoke, which you need to "smoke" the drinker through the straw. After that, two pieces of sugar are put in a saucer, soaked in absinthe and ignited, while a person "smokes" smoke. Then, "Sprite" with absinthe should be shaken, like "tequila-boom", and drink in one gulp. Empty cognac should cover the burning cubes of sugar. It again produces smoke, which "smoke" after drinking a cocktail. The effect of the "parachute" is unforgettable - easy euphoria and slow motion are ensured.

with what to drink absinthe at home

And that's how the British drink absinthe correctly. They prefer two cocktails with this drink. The first of these is known as the "Merry Milkman". For its preparation, it is necessary to mix absinthe, whiskey and milk in equal proportions. To drink such a cocktail should be slow, and most importantly - with pleasure. The second English way of using absinthe is called "Cheshire Cat." At the bottom of a tall glass, put crushed ice-frappe to ¼ height. Then ¼ glass of green absinthe is poured into the ice. You need to give the cocktail a little mop, and then pour into it a ¼ chilled apple juice.

how to drink absinthe with a sprite
If you have to choose what to drink absinthehome, the best "company" than ice water, for him not to find. You can, for example, use a 1: 2 ratio, that is, pour 1/3 of ice water onto the bottom of the glass, and add absinthe to 2/3. But you need to do this in such a way that the layers do not mix with each other. Then (when drinking at a salvo), an unforgettable bouquet of sensations from the fire absinthe and the water softening it is guaranteed.

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