Each hostess is familiar with the situation when, duringcooking, boiling liquids spill onto the stove. And how many times had to stand by and watch that milk did not run away. During the preparation of dinner, foam from the pan splashes out, the oil from the frying pan splashes. And you need to make sure that the water does not boil and the food does not burn. And for sure the most unpleasant occupation for all women is to clean the remnants of burnt food from the stove and pots. Manufacturers of kitchen accessories are trying to make homework easier. One of the new convenient devices for housewives was the silicone cover "non-boiling". It makes cooking so easy, that everyone who tried to use it, necessarily recommend it to friends and acquaintances.

silicone cover

Cover description

This accessory looks very original anddecorate any kitchen. Bright colors and unique structure explain the popularity of this device. The silicone cover "non-boiling" has the shape of a concave flower with a removable center and moving petals. During the boiling of the liquid in a saucepan, they rise, releasing excess steam, and do not allow the liquid to splash. All foam, for example, from boiling milk, is collected in the concave surface of the lid. And comfortable handles allow you to take it without fear of getting burned. The middle can be removed and the lid used as a steamer. If it is turned over, and the petals are inserted from the other side, it is very convenient to close containers with food in the refrigerator: they do not dry out, do not deteriorate, and do not absorb foreign smells. Silicone cap "nekupikayka" is very convenient to use: just put it on a saucepan and lightly press. For proper functioning, its diameter should be 5 centimeters more than the size of the pan. But the covers are produced different - from 20 to 30 centimeters, so it's easy to pick up what you need.

Material Features

Such kitchen appliances made fromfood silicone, have been popular all over the world for many years. This material is new for our housewives, and many are wary of it. And in vain! Food silicone is safe, withstands temperatures from minus 40 to plus 230 degrees. It does not deform and does not emit harmful substances into the air when heated.

silicone cover
A very important property of food silicone isits high thermal conductivity. The surface heats up evenly and does not emit any foreign smells. This allows the lid to be used as a basis for steam cooking. Another advantage of food silicone - it is very easy to take care of. He washes quickly, nothing bothers him. The lid is also easy to keep: it can be rolled up, rolled into a tube, and it does not lose shape. In addition, using this cover, you can avoid injuries in the kitchen: it is light, it will not break and it can not be burned.

Features of operation

Silicone cap "non-boiling" is a uniquedevice that has many functions. For the modern housewife, it is indispensable, as it can be used not only to close the pan while cooking dishes on the stove. With the same success it is used in the oven and microwave oven. The lid is well used in a frying pan when frying. It can be covered with a salad bowl for better preservation of food in the refrigerator, even in the freezer. And wash the lid with any detergent or in the dishwasher.

Useful properties of the lid:

  • Do not need to stand near the stove and watch when boil, for example, milk;
  • the stove is clean and dry, because the food does not "run away";
  • cover can be used in
    silicone cover for a non-sink pan
    microwave, which it also protects from splashes of heated products;
  • silicone miracle cover "non-boiling" is safe and very easy to operate and maintain;
  • it can also be used as a steamer;
  • its bright color and original shape will delight you during cooking, also the lid is an excellent gift for any holiday;
  • in an upside-down form, the silicone "non-caustic" cover protects your plate from splashing oil when frying products in a frying pan.

What can I cook with the lid?

One of the important useful qualities of this kitchenan accessory is the possibility of cooking two dishes at once on one burner. Put a pot of soup on the stove, cover it with a lid "non-boiling" with the petals removed.

silicone miracle cap non-braising
From above it is possible to put vegetables, seafoodand even cutlets. They are perfectly prepared for a couple. In this way, a small amount of food can also be heated. But most often a silicone cover for the pan "non-boiling" is used to boil milk. In this case, do not stand next to it, and make sure that the foam does not spill onto the stove. It will all gather on the surface of the lid. It is also convenient to cook pasta, legumes, meat, ravioli and all products, which boil foam. Those who use such a lid can calmly do their own business, without fearing that a boiling dinner will stain the entire stove. It is also suitable for frying and baking foods in the oven. When you fry the frying pan or fish, cover it with an inverted "non-boiling" without petals. The holes will help to evenly roast, the product will not stew, and the lid itself will protect the surrounding surfaces from splashing oil. And in the oven it will help to preserve the juiciness of the baked dish and will speed up the process of its preparation. And that's not all, on what the silicone cover "neunkipayka" is capable.

Reviews of this kitchen accessory

Many housewives "nepikipayka" facilitated the homework. Particularly enthusiastic about her mothers, who have small children. In such families, this lid becomes an indispensable helper: after all, she allows her mother to calmly engage with the child, not being afraid that the boiled milk will "run away", all the water boils in the soup, and the goulash, heated in the microwave, splashes the entire surface.

silicone cover non-peaked reviews
Many mothers write that with the advent of "non-peeling"they were free for a long time. In addition, some note the quality of the lid, as an opportunity to use it as a steamer, because it not only saves time and electricity, but also allows you to prepare healthy dishes for the baby. Some people like the simplicity of operation, the lightness and safety of the cover, the fact that it does not rattle, you will not get burned at it. And in some cases, the lid itself and its detachable petals even give babies as toys.

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