Silicone tube is made of a reliablematerial - silicone, which retains its operability at any critical temperatures, resistant to the effects of boiling water, sea water, alcohols, mineral oils, acids and alkalis. In order to perform a variety of silicone (medical, technical and food) tubes, you need special equipment. Silicone tube is elastic, it easily tolerates deformation, it is resistant to radioactive and UV radiation, it has irreplaceable insulating properties. In the production of such tubes, a rubber mixture is extruded from the silicone, which is passed through special spinnerets, and in the next step the mixture is vulcanized. So food, technical, and also medical silicone tubes are made.

silicone tube

Silicone tube: Properties

  • Non-toxic.
  • The silicon tube has a long service life, so its price is fully justified.
  • It has no smell and taste.
  • Excellent transfer of compression.
  • Does not support burning in case of fire.
  • Heat-resistant.
  • It has chemical inertness.
  • Elastic and durable.
  • Has a wide range of operating temperatures.
  • It has antiadhesive properties.

Silicone transparent tube

Types of tubes

A silicone tube can be medical,technical and food. For use in medical purposes, high-quality silicone is used for manufacturing, which is resistant to aggressive media and critical temperatures. The drainage silicone tube is amenable to reusable sterilization, it is quite strong and elastic. Used products for the manufacture of droppers, in medical devices for dialysis. The technical silicone transparent tube differs in its specific chemical structure, which provides resistance to temperature changes and the action of aggressive substances. The heat resistance of these products is an order of magnitude higher than conventional rubber, they are resistant to moisture and to differences in atmospheric pressure and temperature. Food silicone tube has found application in the food industry in such devices that are prone to direct contact with products (juices, syrups, beer, milk, animal oils, etc.).

Drainage tube, silicone


Silicone products are practical, capable of preservingworking capacity in the range from -60 to +200 degrees. The silicone tube is resistant to ozone, fresh (boiling) and sea water, alcohol, mineral oil and fuel, alkali and acid solutions. Silicone is not damaged by exposure to radiation, UV radiation, electric fields and discharges. Products made of this material are physiologically, non-toxic and inert, therefore they have found wide application both in the field of medicine and in the food industry. The advantage for medical products is repeated sterilization by steam and heated air. The properties of the tube are practically not affected by temperature, they do not change under the influence of air and light. Thanks to these qualities, the scope of application of silicone products is extremely wide and covers a wide range of industries.

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