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Every mom tries to provide her ownthe newborn baby the best and most useful. But how many people on earth, so many opinions about what is useful for the baby, and what - not. For example, recently, a silicone breastfeeding pad has often been used. Some doctors do not recommend using it for feeding, but many - only "for", because they see this as only positive aspects. Such an adaptation on the market appeared only recently, but thousands of women already use it. At first, the silicone pad was recommended only in the most extreme cases, then the device was considered safe. Previously, this device could be used only a few times, now - how much you want.

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Nowadays, a silicone pad for feedingis very in demand, especially if there are even the slightest deviations or problems: for example, the child badly sucks a breast or does not want to do it at all; cracked or inflamed nipple. But doctors have proved that after using the device young mothers are waiting for trouble, as the temporary success evaporates, and the problem returns. Very often after feeding in this way the child does not gain weight, on the contrary, he can even lose several grams, which, of course, is a negative phenomenon. The worst thing is that most mothers after such disappointing indicators start feeding babies with artificial mixtures, which also does not lead to anything good. Silicone lining for breastfeeding should be the last solution to the problem, when other options have already been tried. And even then this decision must be justified and temporary. It is recommended to try to solve the problem in another way. If, however, Mom does begin to use the device, in no case can such procedures be continued for a long time and it is preferable to abandon them as soon as possible.

It is not uncommon for women to start milk from a womanwill rapidly decrease. If the mother decided to switch to normal feeding after applying the silicone lining, she should be patient, since some difficulties may arise here. To begin with, it is better to slowly reduce the duration of feeding a child with a device, and then supplement without it.

silicone pads for feeding instructions

Silicone pads for feeding, instructions forthe use of which is very simple and understandable, are famous for the fact that the nipple during the procedure is completely protected, which relieves mommy of pain (especially if it is cracked). Using the device is very easy, just need to put it on your chest and fix it. Silicone pad for feeding will relieve a woman of pain, inflammation and discomfort. However, any mother should understand that it is best to feed the child naturally. To ensure that the breast is not extremely sensitive, it is not necessary to create too hothouse conditions for it. You should let the nipples rub against clothing, massage, wipe them with ice slices, that is, subject them to mechanical action (before the baby is born).

Today in any pharmacy you can find siliconelining for feeding, the price of which is quite affordable. But, of course, it is better for a person not to interfere in the process, which nature herself laid not one millennium ago.

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